relationship forever

17 Signs Your Relationship Will Last a Lifetime

On average, we fall in love eight times over a lifetime . Considering that we now live more than a hundred years, this seems to be a very small number. But on the...

The 51 Keys to Commitment in Love Before Marriage

In fairy tales the stories of princes and princesses always end with the longed- for happily ever after! In real life, there is story after marriage and every day is a new...
romantic Ideas

Romantic Ideas: How To Ask Your Girlfriend In Marriage

The marriage application defines a change in the life of the couple  forever. That's why it must be special! The originality and the surprise factor  are great collaborators to create an ultra romantic atmosphere and full of emotion that...
about the degree of commitment

The 12 Major Differences Between The Eternal Boyfriend and The Future Husband

Is there a difference between the  man chosen to date and the man chosen to marry ? In theory, no, but in practice, it may be! How many times have you heard your mother say that at...
couple has to do before getting married

10 Things Couple Has to do Before Getting Married

Love, ah love ... always comes without asking. Sometimes they come with everything, uncontrollable, causing those involved to die of love instantly. Those who suffer from this strand are capable of great madness ,...
The Love Hunters

19 Inspirational Love Quotes Spoken by Influential Women

Talking about love is a subject that has always attracted the attention of humanity since then, there is nothing better in the world than being in love. But as the devil knows...