About Us:

“A book is a magical thing that lets you travel to faraway places without ever leaving your chair.” – Katrina Mayer

The books is the window to the world, it’ll transport you to anywhere you want to be, to be anybody you want to be. Since ancient time, every civilization around every corner of the world has documented their culture, way of life, history, politic into writing. Be it onto stone, clay, tree bark, metal, papyrus, parchment, until the invention of paper in 25-220 AD then slowly turning to the modern book we have now. The book is the treasure of knowledge, the source of humanity, identity, and our very existence, without it we will be nothing but primitive savages.

Book has the power to feed your soul, widen your horizon, lift up your spirits, fuel your motivation to seize your dream, build you to be who you are now, and even put food on your table. There will be no humanity without book itself, no matter how to advance our technologies until now book with it’s pages are still essential to start everything.

Statree.com is here to help you picked up the book from diversity of genre suitable with what you need, we provide twelve top choices of books from each very unique and intriguing genre from various author and publications.

Statree.com is here to assist you to get your book of choice with just 3 simple steps and you can own the book from anywhere you are as long as you have the internet connection.

Here are the simple 3 steps to purchase the book you desire:

1. Open our website and choose the genre

2. Read details of 12 books we suggest

3. After you decide which book just click the link to amazon website under every book review and purchase

It is our most privilege to be able to ease your way and serve you in your journey to above and beyond. Like George R.R. Martin said “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”