17 Signs Your Relationship Will Last a Lifetime


On average, we fall in love eight times over a lifetime . Considering that we now live more than a hundred years, this seems to be a very small number. But on the other hand, if we consider the complexity of the times we live, we can even consider eight loves a miracle!

Between stressful work, credit cards about to win and the weariness of living in a big metropolis, we have less time to think about love , or rather to fall in love. That’s why it turned into something almost cinema-like to find someone to spend the rest of their lives together.

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Maybe that’s why when we end a relationship we feel so ripped off . It’s as if they’ve stolen our time. Years investing in knowing a person, understanding her, helping her, loving her … For what? Some happy moments to keep in memory and immense debt to the psychologist to recover from the trauma!

Would not it be wonderful to know for sure if your relationship has a long way to go? Nothing in life is so certain – and not bad, because if it would end all grace – but who would not want to know if you are betting the chips in the right game?

You can recognize some signs that your relationship has the potential to last long.  And if that’s not the case, maybe it’s time to invest your valuable time into something more useful!

1. Love you as you are

If at the beginning of the relationship you stop playing games of seduction and strip the mask of perfection , you will only have two options: accept who you are, or jump out. It is obvious that no human being is perfect, but we always want to deceive ourselves – and deceive others as well. If we all know that we have imperfections, why keep trying to prove otherwise?

2. You can share your fears and mistakes

When we follow the lie of perfection, we represent a character all the time because we think that pretending to be successful is synonymous with being attractive . And it is not so.

Often sharing our worst fears and confessing the unconfessable to someone creates a bond much deeper than being always great. If you have enough confidence to tell each other everything and he accepts who you are, he  will follow you , for even if the relationship ends you will always have a close friend.

3. Stay calm during a fight

If you are a time bomb that can explode anytime, your love may not be the match that lights your wick.When one is fire and the other water, you can be sure that the problems will be discussed and resolved. Such a combination is unbeatable in the long run.

4. Love your food  

If you are not a super cook, and for some reason,  he / she loves your spice –  even in times of culinary programs and gourmet dishes everywhere – this is a sign that it will withstand whatever lies ahead. They say that love goes through the stomach …

5. Do not feel ashamed of your worst faults  

We all have some characteristics that kill us with shame. It can be silly or something more intimate and serious. If your love  loves these little flaws,  and even more, feel proud of them, surely it has everything to be the love of your life and last forever!

This is a good clue to the future, after all, everything in us transforms, but nothing will shake your feeling if  he loves even what you have to bad .

he loves even what you have to bad
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6. Remember what is important

One of the most frequent female complaints is that men do not remember important dates, much less the detail of buying flowers on that special day . If you give importance to certain dates and special occasions, it is best to ensure that your pair has a good memory ! To ensure happiness, it is best that the flowers arrive, on the right day of your birthday, until the end of their lives!

remember what is important
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7. Supports your interests

Despite being a couple, we must also watch over our individuality . If he / she accepts and encourages you to do things by yourself, and still helps in whatever you need, life will always strike the balance between what you want and what you both need.  Such a future is happiness guaranteed!

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