Romantic Ideas: How To Ask Your Girlfriend In Marriage


The marriage application defines a change in the life of the couple  forever. That’s why it must be special! The originality and the surprise factor  are great collaborators to create an ultra romantic atmosphere and full of emotion that make your future wife know how special she is. 

Check out some perfect ideas for a romantic and unforgettable request !

romantic Ideas
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1.Sweet request

Order a cake with your girlfriend’s name and say,  Will you marry me?”  Talk to the bakery and ask them to put it  in the window . Then, just invite your bride to a snack and ask her to choose one of the candiesdisplayed in the shop window! She will certainly be surprised and you can deliver the alliance at this very moment.

sweet request
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2.Dinner + romantic movie

How about a homemade program? If you’re the chef type , prepare a neat dinner showered with good wine – or buy ready, if you do not cook, just be sure to decorate the house with candles and flowers ! After dinner comes the surprise: the movie must be your  love story, and the last scene, the wedding request!

3.The announcement

Choose an ad template that stands out in the classifieds session and write the first name of your girlfriend followed by some positive characteristics ( playful, smart, wonderful , etc. ),   complete saying you do not sell , exchange or rent, soulmate . To finish, of course, the request! In order for her to find the ad, ask to search for something by indicating the classifieds page.

4.Comings and goings

If dating is at a distance or one if she  travels too much to work , make a surprise on your arrival! Bring relatives and friends, flowers and balloons,  and ask to call your name at the landing indicating where you should go , where everyone will be waiting. This great surprise will certainly thrill you and stay forever in your memory .

5.Love messages

Make a reservation at  her favorite restaurant  and take pictures of four posters , each with one of the words: do you want to marry me?  She must come in front of you. Send the first three photos in a row and when you are picking up the mobile, send the last one . Kneel at your side and offer the alliance.

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6.The different tour!

Look for an agency that offers boating  and invite your girlfriend to sail at dusk.  When you are out on the high seas, put on some music, make the champagne and order!

different tour
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7.Special test

Hire a photographer and give them the coordinates so they can be your accomplice! Tell your girlfriend that you want new photos of the couple and that you hired a photo shoot . Ask the photographer to take two small pictures and pens , in the middle of the session he should propose the joke: the two stand on their backs  and write 3 qualities of the companion! Let her turn first, then show the box where it will be written:  Marry me? Enjoy to register the entire request!

8.Message in a bottle

Write down  everything you feel about your girlfriend on a piece of paper , put it in a small bottle and close it with a stopper. During a walk on the beach, let the bottle drop  discreetly and pretend you just found it. When your loved one finishes reading the ticket, you should already be on your knees , holding the canister with the ring.

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9.Portraying the couple

Hire a professional caricaturist and take your girlfriend for a walk in the park , where the professional will already be waiting. You ask for a drawing of the couple and it includes in the picture a balloon with your request! Besides the surprise, the painting may be part of the decoration of the new house .

10.Double gift!

If your girlfriend is crazy about winning a puppy,  take this chance! Adopt a pet  and put the ring on your leash.  To accompany those present, write a  card saying that the task of raising the puppy with much love will be both. She’ll love it!

Would you like to invest in an even bigger surprise?  Instead of handing him an alliance, buy a beautiful engagement ring. There are currently rings in various styles, from the most classic to the most modern. It’s impossible not to love!

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