The 12 Major Differences Between The Eternal Boyfriend and The Future Husband


Is there a difference between the  man chosen to date and the man chosen to marry ? In theory, no, but in practice, it may be!

How many times have you heard your mother say that at the time of marriage we look for certain characteristics, different from the boyfriend, in our partner for the rest of our lives? It is not enough to be kind, nice and beautiful , the one chosen to take us to the altar must have some characteristics that we (and all!) Seek. Do you want to know what they are?

Find out the 12 differences between the eternal boyfriend and the future husband in regards to the behavior (his and hers) within the relationship and see if they coincide with your reality or not.

1. The degree of commitment

Eternal boyfriend: he  is a little more selfish and always thinks about what you offer him , loves to spend happy moments together, but does not go to the next level, since he never takes the initiative for a bigger commitment.

Future husband: in  addition to thinking about what you offer to him, he is always thinking about what HE can offer you so that you are always happy at your side. He actively watches over your well-being and will do everything to satisfy you. The relationship is in permanent evolution and you notice that there is more and more complicity between you. All very fluid, very natural.

about the degree of commitment
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2. About intimacy

Eternal boyfriend : he does not want any commitment beyond what he already has, he is by his side only while he can be 100% satisfied with his company. Any fight or argument is already a reason to think about a breakup.

Future husband: then begin to inquire about his tastes, his values, his vision about life. He, from the beginning, will try to get to know you deeply, creating the basis for a solid and long-lasting relationship .

3. The qualities that have attracted you

Eternal boyfriend:  by meeting him you fell almost instantly in love with his beauty and charisma , qualities that you admire and value in this person. In the eternal boyfriend, you can enumerate the qualities that you admire.

Future husband: the physical happens in the background and features like: being fun, good chat, open and respect you, above all, become primordial and most valued. We came to the conclusion that when we find the person who will spend the rest of our lives by our side, we almost always look at one another, the kindness, the fun it is, and we can not enumerate qualities, since they are all very subjective, just like love!

qualities that have attracted you
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4. The relationship with families

Eternal boyfriend: does not show attention in your family and also does not matter that you know and relate to yours.

Future husband: from the beginning or that  you know your family, after all it is cracked up to his parents know the most amazing woman in the world, and is keen to know and to get closer to his family.

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5. On mutual trust

Eternal boyfriend:  is a man to live adventures, to have fun, above all else. It does not matter if he gives you security or if you totally trust him.

Future husband: show yourself loyal and faithful from the beginning and inspire absolute trust, after all mutual trust in a relationship, is critical to make it work .  Not that you can not live adventures together, on the contrary, he is the man who will make you live the best adventures of life, but at the same time, it will be someone to be at the side of the less “joyful” or “adventurous” moments. He has everything that has the eternal boyfriend, but with the plus of security and blind trust.

6. About the future

Eternal boyfriend:  live for and for the present. He never posed a future at his side, after all, there is no commitment and there is no future, everything happens in the immediate present.

Future husband: project the future in a natural way, trying to make the present special to ensure a futureat your side. He cares not to hurt you, to live up to expectations, and to live up to your standards. He does not want to lose you!

the future
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7. About safety

Eternal boyfriend: You  will not want to have deep conversations with you, he knows (even if unconsciously) that your relationship is fleeting and probably when a problem occurs, he will be the first to disappear. After all, who wants a girlfriend in trouble?

Future husband: you  will want to know all your fears and your deepest insecurities, will be by your side in difficult times and if these moments do not occur (and so we hope) he will make it clear that he will be with you the day you need. He will always be present and will make you sure of it.

8. About common projects

Eternal boyfriend: You  can spend years without asking things like, “Do you want children?”  Or “Do you like dogs?” He is not thinking about starting a family, or living under one roof with you. In fact, he never thought of that.

Future husband: wants to know your opinion about family and it is probable that already in the first meetings, arise the pertinent questions. After all, he wants to know if you are “elected” or not, and when it comes to a happy marriage, a very important point is to have the same ideas about life. If one wants to have 5 children and the other does not want children, the problems begin.

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9. About the profession

Eternal boyfriend: the profession or the salary has little importance in your relationship, and are not matters spoken.

Future husband: The work and economic situation of both is a commonplace, as you begin to put the first pillars into a lasting relationship where safety is a part.

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10. Undressing the soul

Eternal boyfriend: Your personality often remains a mystery to you.

Future husband: let yourself be fully known and you would be able to choose whatever, for him.

11. On presence and absence

Eternal boyfriend: he is excellent companion of party and of adventures, but does not “miss” when it is not. You simply follow your routine and your life. He is company for leisure days.

Future husband: You miss her even when you’re quiet reading a good book, watching a movie or studying. He is part of you and when you are not, you notice immediately.

12. About beauty

Eternal boyfriend: when you’re with him, you want to always be perfect, beautiful and radiant.

Future husband: you worry less about this, as with your future husband you are safe and happy always – well dressed and perfect, or ragged and ultra tired. He is “THE MAN!”

White is eternal, but in recent years, color has been invading more and more altars around the world.

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