Top 10 Sex Questions on Google

top 10 Sex Questions on Google
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What you search on Google, stays on Google. Fact! The largest internet search service keeps everything we are looking for. From time to time, some of this material is released and we learn of some interesting things. This is the case of the top  10 most searched questions about sex on Google . Check out the curious result of this survey!

10. How long does sex last?

It may sound like a lie, but a lot of people still have questions about that. It seems that not everyone is satisfied with a quick binge and obviously  many turn to Google to hear the opinion of experts .

9. How to introduce the male sexual organ into the female sexual organ?

This question, of course, suggests that children and adolescents are curious about this. So it is important to talk to them and explain in very simple language , otherwise they will find the answer in the good old Google .

8. At what age can I buy a condom?

It is also clear that it is a common question of minors. This question shows that young people are concerned about protecting themselves during sex , both from an unwanted pregnancy and from sexually transmitted diseases.

at what age can I buy a condom
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7. How to measure a penis?

One of the great myths of sexual pleasure is related to the size of the male sexual organ , so this question is more than expected in this ranking!

6. How to increase penis size manually?

Why is it that more than one question has to do with the size of the penis? The truth is that male self-esteem is directly related to this subject, so many men should look for answers in Google for this dilemma.

5. What is gonorrhea?

The sexually transmitted diseases can be prevented with the use of condoms during sexual intercourse. This is the case of gonorrhea that awakens so much the curiosity of netizens!

4. How to get rid of genital warts?

Another issue related to the health of the sexual organ because everyone wants to be healthy, especially when it is completely naked!

3. Does Herpes Have a Cure?

Another sexually transmitted disease that can be prevented with the use of condoms . And , yes, fortunately she has a cure!

does herpes have cure
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2. How to make a woman achieve orgasm?

This is a super important question and from someone who is really worried about their partner in bed . Glad Google exists to help!

1. Where is the G-spot?

A lot of controversy surrounds the famous G-spot. This erogenous zone responsible for female sexual pleasure is a source of great curiosity, both for men and women. I hope Google finds the right answers to this question!

where is the G-spot
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From the content of the questions, it is easy to see that many myths related to sexuality still survive in our society. Best of all in the questions is to see that there are partners and partners really concerned about each other’s pleasure.

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