8 Things Every Woman Expects You To Do On Bed


Yes, sex is something extremely personal, but that is not why there are no patterns or balconies that we can follow or learn, right?

Sex for women tends to be slightly different from what it represents for men. For this reason, many people are mistaken in believing that sexual intercourse amounts to an adult film.

But calm, we are not talking about kisses and affection. If you did not know these tips, no doubt after that matter will begin to put all of them into practice. Check out!

1. Show Tough

show tough

No doubt this question holds true for both sexes, since the same demonstration of horniness also generates the same feeling in the other person.

The term “tared” may even be vulgar, but when a man shows that he really wants you, who really wants you to feel it even in his skin and bloodstream, no doubt the partner is able to perceive and consequently stimulate proportionately to what you have shown.

2. Be reciprocal

be reciprocal
Many men believe that some practices should be performed only by women, and also tend to erroneously believe that women like to be just the target of desire and their accomplishments.

But many times we also want to see you in action, we want to have our fears and fetishes accomplished, to feel that you are willing to commit follies to satisfy us. That is, sex must be reciprocal, being able to revert between the relationship of “I do everything you want” with “you do everything I want”.

3. Lose some of your time in other areas

 Lose some of your time in other areas
It is obvious that every woman likes to receive attention on her intimate parts in the hour of sex. But we are full of small windows, which if discovered and stimulated, may reveal something incredible not only for us, but for you too, after all who does not like to realize that it is “commanding”?

Neck, belly and thighs for example are fairly erogenous regions. This situation also causes more excitement and expectation. Do you know when someone is well enough to wander, brushing his tongue around the region before he actually reaches the point? Well, that’s exactly it!

4. Use your lips and tongue a lot

Use your lips and tongue a lot
And speaking of lips … Guys, kissing is very good, but there are even better things you can do with that little part of your body. But let’s emphasize one thing, you know when you create a huge expectation, and then when you finally get the person, you find out simply that she kisses very badly?

Oral sex as well as kissing, changes from person to person, and obviously some are very good and others not so much. But here we leave here two primordial tips, which although we do not go into details are essential for a good oral sex: tongue and lips!

5. Know how to blend delicacy and footprint

how to blend delicacy and footprint
Sex as well as good music is composed of an introduction, which is usually slower and more delicate and, as it happens, it evolves into the chorus which is much more rhythmic and agitated and which can be repeated several times. It is important to understand and respect these “rhythms”, after all nobody wants only “break-breaking”, or just introduction …

For this reason it is important to blend delicacy with the actual footprint.

6. Have confidence about what you want

have confidence about what you want
Trust is key, speak with determination and excitement, know what to do, how to do. A woman can play this role, too, but a man who is not ashamed to show what he likes in bed is a thousand times more interesting than the one who, out of shyness, leaves everything to his thoughts.

Did you think of something, did you like what she did? Tell her, show her how you like her, that no doubt things will flow better for both of you.

The big question is that invariably a sex that goes beyond, in the sense that both are not repressed, is always much better.


Have you noticed that the more noise happens at this time, the better? You do not have to moan because it may backfire, but proving that you’re liking is essential. Also, discover and enjoy features you know she likes, such as tapas.

The big question is that invariably a sex that goes beyond, in the sense that both are not repressed, is always much better.

8. Hand on waist and hand on hair

obvious not? Hand on the waist plus hand wrapped in hair, is equal to horny, stitch.
hand on waist and hand on hair
And then dear readers, which of these items were you already accustomed to doing? If it all seems so obvious to you, know that you belong to a restricted number of men who really know what they’re doing. Leave your comment here below, which we love to hear what you have to tell us too.

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