Are You the Only One Making All the Efforts to Keep Your Relationship Alive?



There is no denying that all relationships need efforts from both ends to be kept alive. It needs work to identify problems, compromise, and support one another. But no matter what, a relationship should not feel like a struggle to keep things going.

Your relationship should not force you to change yourself. It is better to let go than to stay in a toxic relationship where you are losing yourself. Ending a relationship can be painful, and that is why we often try to compromise as much as we can to make it work. But staying in a bad relationship can be hurtful too, and it is better to get out before you cause damage to your mental and emotional well-being.


Of course, you must try to solve your relationship problems. You can try talking to your partner and share what you are going through. You can also speak to a psychotherapist or a psychic to get relationship advice. There are many advantages of consulting online psychics for relationship advice. They can use their intuitive abilities to advise you whether you should follow your heart or your mind. Psychic readings can help you make up your mind when you are struggling with relationship decisions.

You can also learn if there is an underlying reason why your partner is making things difficult for you. If you have any fears or concerns about your partner, you can ask a psychic to confirm whether they are true or not. Psychics can also foresee if there is a possibility of working things out, or if you should get out of the relationship and move on. You can search for a reputable psychic on the internet, or you can choose one of the online psychics from this list.

These are few of the telltale signs that you are the only one making compromises in your relationship.

You Are Always Compromising

Compromising is the key to make a relationship work. But it should happen from both sides equally. If you feel that lately, you always have to sacrifice what you want all the time, maybe your partner is not bothered about your happiness anymore. If you think that you are agreeing to his demands and not caring about what you want, it can have underlying reasons that need your attention.

Maybe you are afraid of losing your partner. Or probably, you are scared of your partner. Whatever may be the reason, if you do not address it soon, it can become toxic for your life and mental peace.

You Are Always Justifying Your Relationship

When you are suffering in a relationship, people close to you can see it no matter how hard you may try to hide it. So you often might be faced with the question, as to why are you still in this relationship?

If you have to justify yourself in front of them all the time, maybe you are the only one working towards keeping the relationship alive. If that is the case, it is time, to be honest with yourself and make a decision.

You Feel Anxious or Depressed All the Time

If you are making all the efforts in the relationship, you probably have to face a lot of arguments or bad behavior from your partner. It gives rise to anxiety issues and depression. Do you feel startled by certain noises? Or do you often think about death, or imagine it?

If you are feeling these things, you might be feeling anxious and depressed all the time. It can be because you are not getting any emotional support from your partner even though you are giving that person everything you can.

Your Grievances Never Get Addressed

If your partner is not paying any attention to your grievances, or if you are never getting the chance to present them, maybe that is because you are always busy addressing the grievances of your partner. When that happens, you feel scared of discussing them with your partner and always imagine having the conversation about them when you are alone doing the dishes or cleaning something.

If you don’t present them soon, they can cause emotional stress and depression. Try to address them with your partner, and if he or she doesn’t seem to care about them, maybe it is time to move on. If you don’t change things soon, you will be stuck in the relationship forever and never be able to talk about your problems.

You may be hoping for things to change or wishing that your partner will pay attention to you and your needs for once. But if you see the red flags mentioned above, it is time to sit down and have a talk with your partner. If that effort gets ignored as well, do yourself a favor and get out of this toxic relationship.

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