1. Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina from the novel by Lev Tolstoy ceased to be just a character and became a common noun. A bad marriage and unexpected love. A betrayal, a whisper, and she finds herself in this vicious dance, sweet and sad at the same time. Tolstoy surprisingly accurately conveyed the fateful dance of passion.

2. The Great Gatsby

It is difficult to understand Daisy Buchanan, tormenting the protagonist of the novel The Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. Rich and silly, not seeing the real feelings behind the facade of parties and lavish lifestyle. How can he break the touch barrier with a girl? Why would Gatsby ever fall in love with her besides the fact that she represented a different life for him which he could achieve? Maybe he saw in her a little vulnerable girl who is most afraid to grow up, look out into the real world from the cozy cocoon of her own illusions? That girl that she was afraid to recognize in herself.

3. The French Lieutenant’s Woman

The fateful meeting with Sarah Woodruff, nicknamed The French Lieutenant’s Woman, completely changes the life and goals of Charles Smithson. Now, when a young naturalist scientist, an aristocrat, and a clever man met this strange woman, rejected by society, his existence, subordinated to class prejudice, acquires a special meaning. He was destined to be on the verge of the forbidden and challenge public opinion.

4. The Awakening

The story of The Awakening by Kate Chopin was written in 1899. In the year of its release, it outraged everyone so much that the book was almost banned, but ten years after the death of the author, the work was already considered a masterpiece.

Young beauty Edna Pontellier spends the summer with her husband and two wonderful kids in the resort town of Grand Isle. Edna’s unexpected meeting with Robert, a charming young man, suddenly changes the calm and measured life of the woman. She falls in love, breaks up with secular society, moves out into a separate apartment, gets into an affair, and then wakes up. But what awaits her after waking up? The novel about the search for love and freedom is surprisingly psychological and frank, showing the most elusive aspects of the soul.

5. The Shadow of the Wind

In the homeland of the writer Carlos Ruiz Safon, in Spain, the cult novel The Shadow of the Wind became the most successful book after Don Quixote. Ten million copies of the book have been sold in 40 countries of the world, and every year, not just tourists come to Barcelona but people eager to see the places noted in the novel: the bookshop of Daniel, the Four Cats café, and, of course, the Cemetery of forgotten books itself. Readers are fascinated not only by the detective-mystical storyline but also the shrill story about the love of a poor man and a daughter of a noble, rich man; moreover, as it becomes clear later, social inequality is not the only reason they cannot be together.

6. The Bridges of Madison County

Unlike other novels about infidelity, the book The Bridges of Madison County by Robert Waller does not leave the aftertaste of guilt and a failed life. Not surprisingly, this work of an unknown author from Iowa lasted on the bestseller list for 90 weeks. The plot is known to most people from the Clint Eastwood movie of the same name with him in the lead role. Choosing between love (a visiting photographer) and a load of a husband and two children, Francesca chose her family. But she left her heart occupied. The love story is so beautiful that you cannot call it just a simple story of infidelity.

7. Memory’s Diary

People have been arguing for many years about Memory’s Diary. Which is better – the book or the film? Both the novel by Nicholas Sparks and the film based on it by director Nick Cassavetes are very good and tell about the love of young people from different families. The story is so powerful and true that we all shed a tear or two when the

“Eternal love, live to love” came in. The novel is considered to be the strongest work of Sparks, and, after all, he has at least 8 books behind him which have all got their successful screen adaptations.

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