1I’m scared and we are in a very good relationship.


That is, when I come to sit down on the asphalt and cry, I will do it, which I strongly recommend to you all the same, flaming and girls. It’s therapeutic and it’s good for nerves. The golden rule is that they never cry in public. This ritual with stitches and sneezes seasoned with swearing gentiles takes place between four walls or just next to the people they love and love unconditionally. I mean, about 4 in number, my soulfriend and my family. In front of a man I would not cry unless, as I was saying, I would love him unconditionally. As you well know, this love has not stuck with me until now.

If you ask them, most of the men will tell you that for them, a woman’s craving for cease is an outpouring for Pazuzu. No, thanks. Now do not judge them too harshly. This thing has, in my humble opinion, two causes. On the one hand, they are being put in the brain in the brain as tears are evidence of weakness and men do not cry. Great fas, if you let me go! They too should cry, download and express their emotions. That’s what I said on another occasion. On the other hand, I now look at you accusingly, the nagging rats from the genes at whatever will not suit you. When you do not get out of hand playing cards, you are emotionally blackmailing them. If you do such gestures, I want you to have ugly things. How, moreover, they want to lose ugly things to all people who have no need to resort to emotional blackmail, regardless of their genital equipment. From what I noticed, men, paradoxically, do more easily with women who are plagiarizing than with women who do not cry and point.


2If you put a buzz on me in the room and you find me riding on a bucket, at best you’ll get up from your eyebrow, get you up and shut the door thoroughly, she once said to me a former one.

At that time, we were together for about three months, and we were together with one another. No thought of passionate love for me to come to juggle a competing potential to the Lord’s affection and prohab.

I explained my theory about crying, as I say to you. It does well, it’s healthy, but it also requires a touch of decency. What did his marriage understand from here? That I’m not jealous ergo I do not cry because of ergo I do not love him. Now the conclusion was not far from the truth. That’s right, I did not love him and never loved him. But he did not even give me the chance to get there. As for jealousy, it is under my dignity and I do not seem to be a healthy affection, which I want you too.

I complained about men, and if I say or I’ve ever told you no, do not believe me. Last time about two years ago, in the arms of a friend who has known me for a lifetime and who was busy trying to tear my tears with one hand and fill my glass of white wine with the other. I complained, I downloaded myself, swore my eyes and my life that I do not need a man anymore, I washed and it passed.

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On another occasion, when another man decided after the trial period that he was tired of me and we were breaking up, he reproached me about the same thing. As he gives me his slippers and I do not even have a good sense of crying. Excuse me, are we starting now? Do I add a threat, a drop of blackmail? This is better?

My study in this regard is quite limited, as you can see. I’m not clear why men associate tears with affection. I, for example, can complain of sadness, of course. But sometimes they complain of fatigue, sometimes of stress, from time to time of happiness. Instead, I associate the affection with sincerity, loyalty and respect. If I do not give you one of these things, then yes, you are able to get my eyes off and reproach me that I do not care about you. Otherwise, I suspect that some of them, who do not have all the spells in the table, feel somehow validated by the tears and prayers of a woman. Of course, I am absolutely convinced and bag on fire for not all men like this kind of sick satisfaction. I do not have a conclusion, the jury is still debating but I would love to share your opinion. Is there an equal sign between tears and affection? Can I love without jelly or am I flawed to the end?

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