10 Mistakes to Avoid If You Have Fine Hair

mistakes to avoid if you have fine hair

There are several mistakes to avoid if you have fine hair: when you have thin hair, in fact, just little because the ‘hairstyle is flat or does not take well, because the hair appears a little bulky or just dirty and fat, in short, we must be careful To many factors.

Fine hair, among other things, is infrequently brittle than thick ones, and they need special and dedicated care such as balms and masks, as well as an ad hoc shampoo.

No panic, however, just know what mistakes you should avoid if you have fine hair to have a healthy and perfect hair on every occasion: here are 10 that you never go to.

1.Use too much balm.
The balm weighs heavily on the hair, and often the fine hair does not need it to be distracted. Alternatively you can use the conditioner before shampoo, or just on the tips, or even replace a moisturizing and nutritious mask.

2.Use too many products. For the same reason, it is better not to add too many products that could weigh the hair: shampoo, conditioner, mousse, foam, everything is really too much for fine hair.

3.Use the hair plate. If the hair is very dirty, the plate may weaken them even more. Use pretty medium heat and brush: this procedure will also give you more hair volume up.

4.Use the curling iron. The curling iron is even more deleterious for very fine hair and therefore weak. How to make them move? In the old fashion, for example, with a pose on the curlers.

5.Dry the roots directly from the top. Dry the roots directly, with the phon from above, will flatten them even more and make the hair fine without volume. Better dry them by using a brush to lift them slightly and give them volume.

6.Skip the appointment with the hairdresser. The job of the hairdresser’s trust is crucial not only because it helps in choosing the right products, but because cutting and spinning restores the balance in volumes that with fine hair you lose so easily.

7.Use silicone based styling products. Better avoid silicone-based products for styling and opt for formula read as mousse that improves volume without suffocating the skin.

8.Bring your hair too long. On average, very long hair cuts are not suitable for those who have too fine hair because they make them appear inconsistent and bleak. Better opt for short cuts, medium or medium-long cuts.

9.Do not use a nutrient mask regularly. The finest hair, unfortunately, are damaged more easily and end up becoming risk-breaking and double-tipped. Better run on the shelters thanks to a nutritious mask at least once a week.

10.Do not protect your hair from the sun. All hair types, and, more importantly, thin and fragile ones, must be protected from sunlight, just as they do with the skin, thanks to specific sunscreens.

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