CBD Oil Dosage: Factors to Consider While Using CBD


There is no universal  CBD oil dosage. People are taking CBD for all kinds of reasons. Finding out what works for you is a personal process.

CBD Dosage: Factors to Consider While Using CBD

You’ve spent a lot of time doing your research, you’ve consulted your friends, your doctor, and you’re sure that you want to do this! Now comes the interesting part. What is it going to be? Oils, edibles, capsules… you’ll find yourself asking these questions sooner rather than later. Which one is the best for me? And how much should I take?

There are so many CBD products out there; it’s easy to get overwhelmed and try whatever your friends have been on. Although this is not a bad way to do it, you do need to keep in mind that each method delivers the compound to your body differently.

In addition, each of our bodies absorbs CBD at different rates, meaning there is no universal recommendation. 

Fortunately, there are a few factors that will determine how you dose your CBD.  From bodyweight to the quality of the product, here are four factors that’ll determine how to dose CBD oil.

Why CBD Doses Are Different for Everyone?

Everyone is different; people take CBD for various reasons. In addition, each method has its own absorption rate. How well one way works for someone might be entirely different for someone else. In other words, dosing is a personal process that requires a little bit of experimenting.

Just like everything new, it wouldn’t hurt to start with a low CBD dosage to make sure your body doesn’t react negatively to the compound. After that initial tryout, you can increase the serving size until you find your optimum selection.

1. The Body’s Chemistry with CBD

As aforementioned, each CBD delivery method has its own absorption rate, meaning it might take 30 minutes for the oils to kick in where it might take up to an hour for the edibles to work their magic. Furthermore, a person’s metabolism adds to this factor. It might take longer for the compound to be broken down if a person has a slow metabolism. If you have a fast metabolism, the effects might kick in faster than you anticipated. 

If you are looking for the fastest, most effective way, then you are looking for CBD oils.  These oils are popular because they are absorbed under the tongue and take effect relatively quickly.

2. Body Weight of an Individual

A person’s body weight plays a vital role in determining the ideal CBD dosage. People who weigh less have less body mass, so it might not take long for them to feel the effects whereas individuals with more body mass will require more CBD intake or a stronger dosage to experience the effects. 

No matter where you fall in the weight spectrum, always start small. It doesn’t matter if you feel nothing in the first run, that’s why you experiment. Finding that ideal serving size is not a three-day journey- it’s a gradual realization.

3. Concentration of CBD

Concentration is the full amount of CBD in a product, whereas dosage indicates the amount of CBD per serving. To help you understand this difference, let’s say a bottle of CBD oil has a concentration of 500mg and contains 15 milliliters of oil, with 1ml as the serving size. This means each 1ml serving will contain approximately 37mg of CBD.

Choosing the right concentration is important when starting out. Don’t just go for the most potent strength, thinking you’ll cut down dosing when taking it. Your body has never taken CBD before, give it time to be properly introduced to the compound. 

4. Quality of CBD Oil

Not all CBD oil is created equally. If you are just starting out, do yourself a favor, don’t buy it from your local convenience store. Crafting high-quality CBD oil is no easy task. From the extraction method to ingredients, to post-testing, the quality of the oil is as good as the manufacturer’s processes. 

The sudden boom of CBD products has brought a wave of shady companies. These sub-par companies offer lower-quality products with low to no CBD. With that being said, it’s up to you to catch these inferior products by doing your due diligence. Read the label, make sense of the ingredients, ask questions, and research the company. 

Reading brand reviews is an excellent way to know exactly what you’re getting. Find out what people are saying about the product, newcomers are more likely to feel comfortable trying a new product if they know it worked for other people. Trustworthy companies will incorporate customer reviews on their website as a valuable resource for newcomers.

The Recommended Dose of CBD

Now that you are of the factors to consider when using CBD, you know that there is no recommended dose when it comes to CBD. If you are looking for one of those trustworthy companies, try Green Roads, they produce the highest quality, pharmacist formulated CBD products on the market.

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