How to get back in shape with 30 minutes of training
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Sometimes endless sessions in the gym , attached to machines that look like instruments of torture do not give the desired results … In addition to finding the desire, time and the right motivation to get back into shape is increasingly difficult. Well … you’re in good company! However, pushed by the imminent trial costume, there is no need to throw in the towel. How to get back in shape with 30 minutes a day of training ? It seems impossible, yet … it can be done. It’s called Perfect Body Book and you can download it online: it consists of 10 days of work out divided into three days of circuit training and tabata . What is the tabata? A mode of performing physical exercise that alternates between high and low intensity. It has considerable effects if done correctly, perhaps together with ad hoc playlsit that divide the time in 20-30 ”. It is a program that, if in good health and without particular pathologies, we can all try to do at home or in the park.

To start the remise en forme , however, here are some tips:

1) Hydrate

Drinking before, after and during training is essential. At least 2 liters per day, avoiding packaged fruit juices loaded with sugar, carbonated drinks and alcoholic beverages

2) Rest

Sleep at least 8 hours per night: all the processes of recovery and improvement and muscle growth take place during rest

3) Stretching

Before and after training, it is essential

4) Good habits and constancy

Every opportunity is good to move: take the stairs instead of using the elevator, use the bike instead of the means, stand up and contract the buttocks … in short, move! The goal does not necessarily need to lose weight, but turning your fat mass into lean mass is this process only happens through constant training.

5) 3 things you never do

-Take every week or worse, every day

-Salt meals: it’s very bad, it tails the metabolism and does not give you the right energy to work out

– Discourage: it’s tiring, we know. But motivation and continuity are the key to every success.

6) Smile!

Training is good for the body and the spirit. Sport is in a good mood because, when it is in activity, our body produces serotonin , the hormone of happiness. Word – and smile.

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