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We are in constant development, and as a consequence, our relationships also change to accompany us.As we approach and become close to a person, we can find positive and negative points in their personality and behavior. For the relationship to stay strong and resist daily imperfections, it is necessary to remember that changes will always happen, and that the way we deal with them determines the direction our relationships will follow.

Below are five not-so-simple laws of love, but which are vitally important to a long-lasting relationship:

1. Trust is fundamental

Without trust, there is no relationship. And, once you lose confidence in your partner or vice versa, you’ll almost never be able to find it again. No matter how much you love a person, if at all times he makes you doubt and ask yourself, if he really is committed to you, it’s a sign that your relationship is not healthy. In a mature and positive relationship, your partner makes you feel full confidence in your feelings for yourself and your faithfulness. Breaking your partner’s trust in many cases means the end of the union.

2. Disagreements are normal

We will probably never find a partner who agrees with us on absolutely every topic of life, and such a relationship probably would not make us grow, because we evolved with challenges and out of our comfort zone. In a relationship, we should not expect our partner to always see things as we do, the important thing is to work together even in the midst of disagreements. When both struggle despite difficulties, the relationship grows. It is important to listen to your partner’s point of view as well, and together decide the best course of action. It may not be easy to give up your opinions, but we must be willing to give in.

3. Attraction is not a constant

Losing attraction over time should not be viewed as an end point in the relationship. Relationship time, age, tiredness and self-esteem often cause the feeling of loss of attraction, but many couples do a joint work day to day not to let the flame go out. Some ways to do this are to plan a romantic date, make surprises, create an activity together and make it a weekly ritual, spending more time together. The key is always to stay active and willing to improve the relationship.

4. Loneliness can arise

Time and routine can also trigger a feeling of loneliness. Many times we can feel that our partner is never around, that only we fight for the relationship and that he does not care about us anymore, that he is tired and trying to leave the relationship. Sometimes the person may not realize that he or she is behaving this way or may be trying to get away from some important conversation. Anyway, back to topic 1, it is important to keep communication alive. If we do not talk to our partners, we will not know what goes on in their minds and we will not be able to say what bothers us and without communication, solving a problem is impossible. Keeping the lines of communication open is vital to the healthy functioning of the relationship.

5. At some point, we will hurt each other

We can get out of control in certain situations and do or say things that we are likely to regret forever. And our partner can also hurt us deeply. In fact, wounds hurt more when they are caused by people we love. But we are imperfect people, and we are subject to errors all the time. Knowing how not to focus on failure is vital. When you feel hurt, take time out for yourself, but have the maturity to deal with problems when the time is right. Work as a couple to find a solution and do not try to get revenge on your partner, causing him a pain similar to what he caused you. This is not mature and does not work in healthy relationships.

Translated by the team of X team – Source:osegredo.com

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