These 67 Long Distance Friendship Quotes for Him Across The Miles


The friendship is a relationship between people that is based on a feeling of mutual affection and live. Who has sincere friends knows well what it means to be able to count at least on a person who is able to help us when we are in trouble.

It is often said that true friends are seen in times of need and in fact many phrases on friendship reflect this concept but they make us discover much more, for example that before looking for good friends we should be the first to behave like gods true friends because we tend to attract what we are into our lives.

We can say that friendship is often the protagonist of books, movies, poems and famous Quotes but above all that without real friends people’s lives would be much more empty and less varied. 一 Anonymous

To your most sincere friends you can dedicate the phrases that best represent the friendship that binds them, choosing among the most famous quotes. 一 Anonymous

1) Many people will come and go out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. 一 Eleanor Roosevelt

2) A distant friend is sometimes closer than someone close at hand. Is it true or not that the mountain inspires more reverence and appears clearer to the wayfarer of the valley than to the inhabitant of its slopes ?. 一 Kahlil Gibran

3) My friend, we do not think about tomorrow and we gather together this moment of life that passes.一 Omar Khayyam

4) In the friend there is something about us, our possible way of being, the reflection of one of the other identities that we can assume. 一 Andrea De Carlo

5) Where silence is the soul of everything, where heaven enters the heart and becomes the universe, where a tear sublimates the soul, where the wind stops and time no longer exists, where the instant is eternity, there my affection will remain … Forever …

6) TVB three letters that last a while but if said with the heart and listen with the mind last an eternity !!!

7) The proof of friendship is an aid in adversity, plus an unqualified help. 一 Mahatma Gandhi

8) The death of a friend, like the fallen of a giant pine, leaves a piece of sky empty.一 Allen R. Foley

9) Sharing a joy, not participation in pain, makes a man a true friend. 一 Friedrich Nietzsche

10) When friendship crosses your heart, leave an emotion that does not go away. 一 Laura Pausini

11) Friendship that flows from the heart can not freeze in adversity, just as water flowing from the spirit can not freeze in winter. 一 James Fenimore Cooper

12) A true friend is not the one who wipes your tears … but it is she who prevents you from paying them! 一 Anonymous

13) When you lose a friend it’s like losing a gum … you do not have anyone to help you erase mistakes !! 一 Anonymous

14) Friendship is much more than just a word. You can try to describe it but only time can give it the right meaning ..一 Anonymous

15) Friendship is like music: two strings similarly toned will vibrate together even if you touch only one. 一 J. Quarle 

16) Three angels will always protect your life: love, happiness and luck, but if you need the fourth remember me that I am friendship. 一 Anonymous

17) I would not give you the life of a rose would be too short, I would not give you the life of a star would be too long … you simply have the beauty of a rose and the splendor of a star !! tvb 一 Anonymous

18) When someone looking into your eyes can understand the voice of your silences you can say that you have found a friend! 一 Anonymous

19) Friendship is a single soul that lives in two separate bodies. 一 Aristotle

20) Wherever you are, it is your friend who builds your world. 一 William James 

21) As long as we have memories, the past lasts. As long as we have hopes, the future awaits us. As long as we have friends, the present is worth living. 一 Anonymous

22) Do not walk in front of me, I may not follow you. Do not walk behind me, I may not be able to drive you. Walk by my side and we will always be friends. 一 Anonymous

23) Friendship does not blame in the moment of difficulty, does not say with cool reasonableness: if you had done so or so. He simply opens his arms and says: I do not want to know, I do not judge, here is a heart where you can rest. 一 Anonymous

24) TVB not with the heart, but with the soul because one day the heart will stop beating …. while the soul will live forever. 一 Anonymous

25) A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future and accepts you as you are. 一 Anonymous

26) Not always the best friend is part of the human race. 一 Dino Basili

27) A friend can tell you things that you do not want to say to yourself. 一 Frances Ward Weller 

28) True friendship is not a slave to time and space, material distance can not really separate us from friends! 一 R.Bach

29) A friend accepts us as we are and helps us to be what we should. 一 Anonymous

30) Friendship is a single soul that lives in two bodies, a heart that beats in two souls. 一Aristotle

31) Some people take refuge in church, others in poetry, I in friends. 一 Virginia Woolf

32) There is no worse desert than a life without friends: friendship multiplies goods and distributes ills. 一 Baltasar Gracian

33) At the end we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. 一 Martin Luther King

34) True friendship is like health, we do not know how to appreciate it until we lose it. 一 Anonymous

35) The friend is someone who knows the song of your heart and can sing it even when you have forgotten the words. 一 Anonymous

36) If I had a golden pen I would write to you that you are a treasure, if I had a silver pen I would write to you that you are a talent, but I only have a plastic pen and I write to you that you are fantastic. 一 Anonymous

37) Friends need one another just like a flower needs rain to open up and show its beauty. 一 Anonymous

38) Once I confessed to heaven how much I love you and for a moment he felt very small. 一  Anonymous

39) The true friend is what remains when the rest of the world goes away. 一 Anonymous

40) Who has loved well now does not look in the face, those who are hated now embrace. 一 Anonymous

41) True friendships are recognized when you enter your friends’ house and the wifi connects you automatically. 一 Anonymous

42) Friends are like stars, you can not always see them, but you know they are there. 一

43) She and I almost never hugged each other, we did not repeat ourselves all the time we loved each other, we did not spend hours on the phone every day. Our friendship did not need constant confirmation. We were always there, one for the other. When true friendship touches your heart, it does not go away. 一 Anonymous

44) True friends are not offended when they insult them. They smile and insult you more heavily. 一

45) I like people who tell you: “I am there”. And then there are really. 一 Cristian Di Napoli

46) Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity. 一 Kahlil Gibran

47) Friends = People who make: your laughter a little louder, your smile a little brighter, and your life a little better. 一 Anonymous

48) True friendship is like the sun at 35 gadi: it warms you up and rejoices you and never goes out. And if you see darkness, you always know it rises again. 一 Anonymous

49) A 5-year-old girl asked her friend: “In your opinion, what is friendship?”
And he replied: “Friendship is when you take my chocolate from my bag every day and I still keep it in the same place.” 一 Anonymous

50) Friendship is not the smile on the lips, but the sincerity of the heart. 一 Anonymous

51) A faithful friend is a balm of life, it is the safest protection. You can collect treasures of all kinds but nothing is worth as much as a sincere friend. Just to see him, his friend arouses in his heart a joy that spreads throughout the being. 一 St. John Chrysostom

52) A true friend is someone who cares so much to tell me things that I do not want to hear. 一 Peter Gabriel

53) It is the friends you can call at four in the morning the ones that really matter. 一 Marlene Dietrich

54) True friends are those who do not make you see the glass half empty … Because another one immediately orders you.

55) Friendship is not diminished by distance or time, imprisonment or war, suffering or silence. It is in these things that it puts deeper roots. It is from these things that it flourishes. 一 Pam Brown

56) To find a friend, one must close one eye; and, in order not to lose it, both of them. 一 Norman Douglas

57) Friends are like glasses, they give an intelligent air, but they easily roll and then they are tiring. Fortunately, sometimes you find really strong glasses. 一 Love me if you have courage

58) True friendship does not consist in being inseparable, but in being able to separate without changing anything. 一 Sunshine

59) Friendship is not bought: it is conquered, respected and demonstrated. 一 Anonymous

60) Friendship? It’s when he calls a friend at 3 am and you say, “I killed a man.”
And she answers you: “Perfect! Where do we bury him? ” 一 Anonymous

61) Friendship is more often an exit door than a gateway to love. 一 Gustave Le Bon

62) One day love said to friendship: “Why do you exist if I am already there?”
The friendship replied: “To bring a smile where you left a tear.” 一 Anonymous

63) A friend does not always know how to cheer you up. But if he is a true friend, he surely finds a way to not let you fall. 一 Anonymous

64) True friends are those who, when they return single, organize an event to celebrate. 一 Anonymous

65) The best friends are those who make their problems your own, so you never have to face them alone. 一 Anonymous

66) Friends are those who do not cut the rope when you are hanging by a thread. 一 Losca71

67) Friends are God’s way of apologizing for relatives. 一 Hugh Kingsmill

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