The Model Method : How to Improve Posture and Lengthen the Figure with the Last Frontier Of Fitness

What does the "Modeling Method" consist of, and why is it so effective for improving posture?


According to the Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends, one of the most sought-after qualities by women is a good behavior : straight walking immediately gives impetus to the figure, elegance and safety. “To improve it, we need elasticity”, explains Hollie Grant, an English personal trainer who has developed The Model Method, a training system that combines pilates with strengthening exercises. What does the Model Method consist of, how is it performed and above all, does it also serve to streamline and lose weight?

The Model Method

“Correct posture and fluidity of movement depend exclusively on how much muscles, joints and tendons manage to be mobile and flexible.To not forget that the body elasticity also helps the mental elasticity.It is a fact that I find in people who train and believe it’s important to have a more serene and positive vision of life, “explains Hollie.


Those of the Model Method are useful exercises of stretching and mobility, such as yoga, from greeting to the sun to the position of the triangle, to the tree that also helps balance. They are similar exercises to those of pilates, they focus especially on sessions that are able to stretch and stretch the spine and train the abdominal muscles and backbones, essential for good posture. “But that’s not all,” adds Hollie, “so that you can really say that you have an elastic body, you also need to work on the joints that are at the base of every movement of ours, so trainings and yoga exercises are combined with workouts. specific for ankles, knees, wrists and even “. Continue Grant: “It takes five minutes a day and rotations, wide, slow and constant joints, starting from the ankles, then moving to the knees, hips and pelvis”.

The diet of the models

“From yoga to pilates, stretching sports have the advantage of making us pay more attention to breathing that, if performed calmly and deeply, reoxifies the body, stimulates the immune system and increases the metabolism”, says Dr. Elena Mainardi , biologist nutritionist in Pavia.


“Supplemental oxygen helps to process nutrients more quickly, so I advise everyone, at least once a day, to do 5-7 breaths a minute, but the diet should be oriented towards the lightness of the plant. not lose tone, just insert the legumes in the daily menu, a protein source of high nutritional value but with a percentage of fat almost nothing .. The important thing is to combine them with a portion of cereals (barley, spelled, kamut, millet, oats, rice) to guarantee the amino acids useful for the muscular tissues Important: before and after the practice drink green tea , antioxidant, purification and fat burner, and red tea, rich in calcium and many other minerals “.

The type menu to follow

  • Breakfast : 1 glass of centrifuged fruit, vegetables and sprouts; 1 soy yogurt with pieces of fresh fruit cut and mixed at the moment; 1 or 2 slices of buckwheat bread with whole virgin honey; bancha tea
  • Mid-morning snack : fruit salad and green tea
  • Lunch : mixed salad; single dish composed of 1/3 whole grains, 1/3 of legumes, 1/3 of cooked vegetables
  • Snack : seasonal fruit and green tea
  • Dinner : mixed salad dressed with oil, sesame seeds and soy sauce; pottage; porridge; vegetable ratatouille; 1 gallon of brown rice; cooked fruit.

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