The Minute Gym is The Easy Fitness That will Help us Burn off the Extra Calories Of Christmas and New Year

The daily turn for those who do not have time to go to the gym. Yes, it takes two minutes and these are the exercises to do


The period of the party of the wishes , the dinners and the family lunches has officially begun . And if it is true that not s’ingrassa between Christmas and New Year , but ra New Year and Christmas , it is best to still find a way to consume the inevitable extra calories.

Is the time to go regularly to the gym at least twice a week? The coaches of the stars suggest to try the gym minute , a system to turn free minutes or even those engaged in other activities in mini fitness circuits. In addition, a coffee without sugar or milk taken about an hour before the activity in the gym serves to stimulate the opening of adipocytes and release the fats that will be used during the fitness session.

“Miniroutine from 2 to 15 minutes that all together create what I call the twenty-fifth hour – advises Valérie Orsoni who created the weight- loss program LeBootCamp – If you add 5 exercises every day to strengthen the muscles, 3 stretching, 2 for the posture, 1 of cardiofitness and those for breathing at will, you can really improve the silhouette, provided you walk at least 30 minutes every day and try to eat as much as possible in a balanced way “.

Also the supercoach Jean-Pierre Clémenceau who takes care of the physical form of many French stars, from Lou Doillon to Laetitia Casta, has gathered in his books the smart exercises to move every day.

Exercises to strengthen the muscles – 5 per day of your choice

5 minutes for the inner thigh

On the bed in the supine position, with the arms along the body, open and close the legs outstretched and with the feet à la pointe (like the dancers not flexed) for 50 times.

Sitting on an armchair, feet firmly resting on the ground, tighten a pillow between the knees for thirty seconds then release the grip and repeat (100 times).

Sitting on a chair, tighten your legs as much as possible against each other for 30 seconds and repeat (100 times).

2 minutes for the arms

Standing in front of the bathtub, place your hands on the edge and flex your arms as you descend almost to the ground (30 times).

Standing hold two and a half liter (full!) Water bottles and spread the arms perpendicular to the body with the palms facing up. Bend the elbows back towards the shoulders (15 times). Spread the arms with the bottles outwards for another 15 repetitions, always bringing them back towards the shoulders.

In front of a wall, standing with the arms outstretched, place the palms of the hands on the wall at eye level and do some push-ups bending the elbows (30 times).

2 minutes for the abdominals

In line at the supermarket or in any other place you are in line, contract the abdominals keeping them contracts even during the breathing phases as in Pilates.

In the bathtub, place the forearms on the edges of the tub, spread the legs and lift them out of the water. Contract the abdominals and bring your legs down slowly and gently. Repeat the exercise 10 to 20 times in three series.

3 minutes for the buttocks

While brushing your teeth, standing in front of the sink, tighten the buttocks by balancing the pelvis back and forth. Just repeat it every day when brushing your teeth.

On the bus, contract the buttocks 100 times. It can be done both standing and sitting.

2 minutes for the breast

Squeeze the palms of the hands against each other at breast level and bring them over the head (100 times).

During the breaks, advertising films on TV, lie down on the ground with your knees resting on your hands, bend your arms to bring your torso to the ground. Repeat 60 times in 3 series.

2 minutes for the legs

Sitting on a chair fold your arms behind the backrest and join hands. Place the tip of the right foot on the ground and stretch the left leg horizontally perpendicular to the body with the foot flexed. Hold the position for as long as possible and repeat 15 times for each leg.

Sitting on a chair lift your knees and hold your position for as long as you can by contracting your abs.

Standing, bend to sit on a chair but stopping a few inches from this. Repeat 50 times. You can do this exercise without a chair by sliding your back against a wall and keeping your knees bent until you reach the sitting position (50 times).

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