It Takes Courage to Be Happy in a Sad World


It may seem crazy, but being happy requires even courage!

To surrender to life without fear, to risk, to change, to make decisions for our benefit, without attachments with much love and daring.

In fact, courage is an attitude that starts from the heart. It is a force that is beyond reason.

But why do you need courage for something that should be so simple?

It’s simple, it’s just us who complicate. We leave things harder to attain and attain, motivated by our fear and attachment.

And to understand happiness it is necessary to live the displeasure of unhappiness, so that this is also a way where we can identify what makes us happy, without needing much.

“Suffering is the interval between two happinesses”

In fact, happiness is not a constant feeling, it is made up of happy moments which summed together reflect a happy form.

If the spaces of happy moments are filled with sadness, melancholy, sorrows, frustrations, it is because an action of love is lacking for oneself, and only then is there a transformation.

No one can do this for us, only we have the full responsibility of becoming happy, allowing good times to exist more and more in our life.

Understand, being happy is your responsibility!

Being unhappy is that it’s a cowardly attitude – it does not need anything to be and anyone can be. It does not require kindness to you, only to blame whoever finds yourself responsible for the injured condition.

To be happy it takes courage! It is a risk that runs, but with great chances of victory and personal / spiritual growth.

And within that we must understand that happiness dwells in small spaces and situations. It is something abstract, made up of good feelings, desire and sincere surrender.

All existence desires this of you! The great goal of life is our encounter with contentment and everything in life acts so that we can be happy and full, because when we are happy, we radiate this energy to the whole universe. And likewise, when we are unhappy, the evil odor of pain spreads to all of existence.

The first step in finding such happiness is to ask yourself, “What makes me happy?”

With that answer in mind, the path is laid out. Take only what you want and go on a quest.

Do not forget that happiness is simple. She is in gratitude, not acknowledging blessings and opportunities.

Happiness is to love oneself to the point of not allowing oneself to suffer, and thus allowing good fluids to arrive and fill any space of being. Happiness is to be allowed!

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