slim hips and waits

So much perseverance, some ‘sacrifice throat’, good and healthy eating habits but mostly targeted exercises


target strategies

One of the reasons it is so feared the appointment with the test suit is just the excess of roundness on the hips : you think that, after so hated cellulite and unsightly bacon , these accumulations of fat in the love handles are the third cause that does not allow to feel comfortable without clothes. Unfortunately, however slim the hips faster and do it in time for our holiday or weekend outside the city with friends is not so simple. Do they need targeted strategies .


slim hips exercise

Studies have shown that drinking a little water during the day increases the ‘ accumulation of adipose tissue: water not only removes the appetite stimulation in a natural way but if you do not take enough water, the kidneys do not work correctly. What about, you ask yourself. When the kidneys are not working well, a part of their function is to make the liver (whose job is to dispose of the fat and turn it into energy), engaged in helping out the kidneys, can not carry out its tasks: it burns less fat preventing weight loss.


slim body

Follow a proper food philosophy and balanced as well as healthy a diet rich daily fruit but mostly vegetables and low in fat and salt you need to slim the hips and throw down those chiletti that weigh too much. Boater so the potassium-rich foods in order to counter the sodium, such as carrots, celery, lentils or kiwis. Of course, no smoking or alcohol and when you want to be overdriven, maybe over the weekend, do treat yourself to a cube of dark chocolate.



That of the hips is, alas, a very kind of fat difficult to remove: diet and water are not enough, and exercises designed to reduce those rolls too are essential. In fact, indispensable in this case. No need to sign up in the gym (yes, having a personal trainer as the stars would help) you can perform exercises to slim down the hips also ‘comfortably’ at home. You only need a mat.

Here are three of the best exercises that can help you streamline your hips quickly (but only if made with so much patience !).



In standing with legs slightly apart, take a step forward and bend with the knee forming an angle of 90 degrees; now slightly bent the rear leg until it touches the mat. The next step is to return to the starting position and repeats the exercise with the other leg. (Start with 2 sets of 15 per leg and every two weeks increased by 1 series).


slim the hips

Feel at 4 legs as if you were playing with your children and lean on elbows and knees. Now raise a leg upwards (keeping it in position bent at an angle of 90 degrees) and then lower it slowly: repeat for 3 sets of 15 repetitions before switching to the other leg.



Finally standing lean on the wall legs slightly apart and raise the right leg in another outwardly keeping expanse. Take this time also 3 sets of 15 and repeat with the left leg.

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