17 Quotes by Sigmund Freud that Say a Lot About Ourselves


Sigmund Freud is one of the most controversial 20th century scientists, whom some people considered a charlatan, others a genius. Coco Chanel called him the first feminist man: it was Freud who became an ideologue of the sexual revolution and pushed women to fight for equality.

Two discoveries made him immortal: he discovered the mystery of dreams and was the first to find a key to decipher the subconscious of the human being.

  1. The scale of your personality is determined by the size of the problem that is able to get you out of your squares.
  2. Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure you are not surrounded by idiots.
  3. The goal of making human beings happy was not in the plans of the creation of the world.
  4. Everything you do in bed is beautiful and absolutely correct if both are happy.
  5. The only sexual deviation is a complete absence of sex, the rest is a matter of taste.
  6. The moment a person begins to think about the meaning and value of their life, they can be considered ill.
  7. The first human who insulted his enemy instead of throwing a stone at him was the founder of civilization.
  8. The perfect, eternal, hate-free love exists only between an addict and the drug.
  9. We live in a very strange time when, surprised, we realize that progress goes hand in hand with the barbarity.
  10. The more perfect you look on the outside, the more demons you have inside.
  11. I can defend myself when they criticize me but I am completely defenseless against the compliments.
  12. We never feel as vulnerable as when we love, and we are never more unhappy than when we lose love.
  13. The first sign of stupidity is the total lack of shame.
  14. People are more moral than you think, and more amoral than you can imagine.
  15. We ignore most of what is real within us; and what we believe to be real is an illusion.
  16. Every normal person is actually only partially normal.
  17. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

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