Learn how to repair broken fingernail, and above all how to do it quickly and with the material found in the home, can be very useful.

Toenail route, in fact, ruins a perfect manicure, and it usually does at inopportune moments, close to a major event such as a romantic date or a job interview. Moreover, it is also easy to do: of course you can not stop working with the PC keyboard or doing the housework just to avoid it.

A very good way to prevent is to strengthen the nails through a series of ad hoc products or natural remedies, changing its power and also making of temporary breaks from glazes and gels, they can restore their natural health.

In any case, when the damage is done, the nail is broken, divided, broken, it is important to run for cover: here’s a little secret to always know how to repair broken fingernail quickly at home.

How to Repair a Broken Nail: Material

  • Base Coat
  • Dry and unused tea bag
  • Small scissors
  • Fine grain lime
  • Colored nail polish
  • Top coat

How to repair a broken nail: passages

  1. Cut the top of the tea bag and empty the contents.

2. Cut a small rectangular cross-section from the sachet that fits the exact width and length of the split on the nail.

3. Apply the base coat on all your nails and – while it is still wet – place the small patch on the split, slightly pressing it to secure it.

4. Seal with another coat base layer and you will see that the sachet will become transparent.

5. Allow drying thoroughly before taking the file and gently remove any portion of excess paper so that it is flush with your nail.

6. Pass two layers of colored enamel on the nail and finally a little top coat.

7. This method works because the tea bags are very thin and porous, but also durable, which makes them perfect for repairing the broken nail.

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