24 Quotes about History Sensitize you Historically

These sayings and quotes about history sensitize you historically. For only those who think historically have chances to understand the present. (Has been heard many times, but remains true!

There Quotes about History Sensitize you Historically

1. “Not to know what happened before one’s own birth means to always remain a child.” –Cicero

2. “Revolutions are the locomotives of history.” –Karl Marx

3. “History does not repeat, but it rhymes.” –Mark Twain

4. “Cultures are organisms. World history is their total biography.” -Oswald Spengler

5. “History is the desire and curse of time. Like everything that touches King Midas, gold, everything that touches time becomes history.” –Matthias Pleye

6. “The nineteenth century, as we know it, is essentially an invention of Balzac.” –Oscar Wilde

7. “As far as there are laws in history, the laws are not worth anything and history is worth nothing.” –Friedrich Nietzsche

8. “History teaches people that history does not teach people anything.” –Mahatma Gandhi

9. “The man makes history, the woman is history.” –Oswald Spengler

10. “The primeval cell of the historical world is the experience.” –Wilhelm Dilthey

11. “World history is also the sum of what would have been avoidable.” –Konrad Adenauer

12. “May you live in interesting times!” –Age Chinese Curse

13. “The ink with which history is written is mostly fluid prejudice.” –Mark Twain

14. “History is the lie which has been agreed upon.” –Napoleon Bonaparte

15. “History sometimes likes to condense itself in a man to whom the world obeys. These great individuals are the coincidence of the universal and the particular, the perseverance, and the movement in a personality.” –Jacob Burckhardt

16. “The essence of history is change.” –Jacob Burckhardt

17. “I felt as if I had been crushed under the horrible fatalism of history, and I find in man’s nature a terrible equality, in human circumstances, an indispensable force, given to all and none.” The individual only foam on the wave, magnitude a mere coincidence , the domination of genius a puppet play, a ridiculous struggle against a bronze law, recognizing the supreme, impossible to control it. ” –Georg Buechner

18. “Without violence and brazen recklessness, nothing is carried through in history.” –Friedrich Engels

19. “Men make history.” –Henry of Treitschke

20. “World questions are not answered, but forgotten. Great problems are not decided but left behind.” –Kurt Tucholsky

21. “The chronicler, who tells the events without distinguishing between great and small, is thereby taking account of the fact that nothing that has ever happened is lost to history.” –Walter benjamin

22. “In other words, the idea of ​​salvation in the idea of ​​happiness invariably resonates with the idea of ​​the past, which makes history its cause, as is the case with the past it is referred to salvation. ” –Walter benjamin

23. “Instead of asking why the Roman Empire was destroyed, we should rather be astonished that it has existed for so long.” –Edward Gibbon

24. “Hegel noticed somewhere that all the great historical facts and persons are, so to speak, twice occurring. He forgot to add: once as a tragedy, the other as a farce.” –Karl Marx


I hope these quotes and thoughts on history can refine your historical thinking – whether in approval or rejection. For we do not live in a bubble of the present.

But perhaps future generations will thank you if you share these quotations diligently.

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