Seemingly doing everything right: eat only vegetables, fruits, no fatty sauces, fast food and high-calorie desserts. Why is it not possible to lose weight may not have enough will power or calorie intake is still too high? Trying to answer these and many other questions, Briton Paula Baillie-Hamilton, wrote the book “Cleansing Diet”, which argues that the strength of will and caloric intake nothing to do with. According to her, the main enemies of harmony – the hidden chemicals that surround us in everyday life.


Conspiracy theory of the chemical

Already it is no news that obesity has reached epidemic proportions. Over the past 50 years the number of obese people has increased three times, and not only among Americans. According to statistics, weight problems, and today there are the Europeans: 23% of Germans, 18% of British, 11% of the French. And this despite the fact that sport in recent years is spent 2 times more time than before, and the caloric intake in the European average fell by 35%.

weight gain


What is the cause of total weight gain?

Think about this question, Dr Baillie-Hamilton took up the study of diet, habits and lifestyle of their compatriots. After analyzing the data, it is concluded that the excessive accumulation of fat in the body is influenced by many “chemistry” with which we are confronted daily in the kitchen, in the pool, on the street, in the store. We are talking about the chemicals floating in the polluted city air, swimming in chlorinated water used for the manufacture and storage of food, cosmetics. Preservatives, colorants, stabilizers, synthetic food additives, dyes, flavor enhancers, odor, emulsifying agents, antibiotics and growth hormones – all these years accumulate in the organism, disrupting normal metabolism and affecting the accumulation of excess weight.


What to do?

Expanding the “chemical conspiracy,” Dr. Bailey, Hamilton has developed its own weight loss system based on detoxification of the body due to the exclusion from the diet of potentially dangerous products, cookware, detergent. The assurances of the author of this power supply system, the rejection of the benefits of civilization will lose up to 13 kg for 3 months, that is 4 kg per month. How to achieve this? It is enough to observe the 12 basic rules of Dr. Baillie-Hamilton.


Regulations organic diet

organic diet

1.Discard the stuffed food sorts synthetic food additives (sausages, canned food, mayonnaise, ketchup, smoked products, snacks for beer (peanuts, potato chips, crackers), ice cream, sweet drinks, juices with sharp and bright color fruity odor).

2.Drink plenty of clean water.

3.Avoid synthetic clothing.

4.Do not store food in plastic bowl, give preference to glass, ceramics, paper.

5.Less than the shelf life of products, the less their food chemistry.

6.Clean water which drink and which cook. Dr. Baillie-Hamilton advises even filter the water in which to swim, because the skin of chemicals that polluted our waterways, quickly penetrate into the body, it negates all your efforts.

7.If you are not sure of the environmental safety of fruits and vegetables, soak them before eating in clean water (about 20 minutes).

8.Before cooking cereals, do not forget to thoroughly wash the grains under running water and then soak it in clean water for a few hours and rinse again. Only after that cereals can be cooked and consumed.

9.Do not heat food in plastic sudochki, do not drink out of plastic cups and cups of hot drinks.

10.Discard the cooking meat and vegetable broths, as growth hormones, antibiotics and other chemical components that farmers are stuffed animals for rapid weight gain, then will be in your plate. If you can not live without the broth, then drain the first portion of water and cook soup on the second.

11.Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, they have a lot of fiber, which help cleanse the body.

12.If you use the facilities for washing, thoroughly rinse the washed plates and cups under running water, that they are not to remain invisible to the naked eye chemistry.

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