What Are The Mistakes We Make in The Office

The office is a valuable ally of the healthy weight and often do not notice some deleterious to commit errors here is what you never do


Who works in the office with a full-time schedule is very familiar with the difficulties of keeping fit. Every day it’s a birthday or an event to be celebrated and so often you make 2 or 3 snacks throughout the day, often made from sweets or fizzy drinks. In fact, the life office also hides other risks to a healthy weight that are often not considered for lightness, but in the end, go to weigh in important ways on diet and healthy eating.


Avoid mistakes in order to feel well in office

That’s all the little things to avoid to maintain your ideal weight and feel their best:

1.Skipping breakfast is one of the most common mistakes that everyone makes, to arrive on time or lack of time. Actually, it is very important to make a hearty breakfast to better regulate the appetite of the day and to get the right energy;

2.Lunch sitting at a desk is a habit of many workers: in this case always for lack of time. The lunch break , however, has to be a time when you take your time to eat, walk, talk and relax, recovering from the stress of work ;

3.Surrender to stress is one of the major risks involved in the office and is linked in part to the error of making the lunch break in front of the desk. Stress and tension do not help to regulate hunger in the appropriate manner, because they carry the body to release cortisol that triggers the desire for sweet foods;

4.Eat all the time is a vice to be avoided if you do a desk job. Often stress or boredom make the body feel a constant sense of hunger, which does not reflect the real needs of the body ;

5.In reference to the continuous snacks, it is important to bring home a healthy snack and digestible, so not having to rediscover each day with packaged snacks made with chocolate and fat;

6.Finally, even working late does not help to maintain a healthy lifestyle , but above the ideal weight . When you come home tired from work, maybe in the late evening, the first thing it plunders the refrigerator. It would be much better instead to bring a healthy snack and light to eat during the journey that takes office to your home, so as to satisfy hunger.

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