How to Wash Your Hair (7 common mistakes of how it should not)


“I know that,” I hear your thinking. Yes I thought so too. But now I know better! Wash your hair is really no higher math and we should not make it difficult than it is. Yet most people still do some things wrong. Or let’s approach it positively: There is room for improvement. Yes, even in the hairwashing. Because you know that we (most people) make about 5 mistakes while washing our hairs and that we have no idea that those “rituals” are wrong. And meanwhile, they are so embedded in the routine that you really do not know better. What are these mistakes then?  Well this one

1. You wash your hair daily with exactly the same shampoo

Daily washing is too much. Washing for the day is ample enough. Better you can limit your hair washing to 1-2 times a week. Or just watch when it’s necessary to wash your hair. The frequency may vary in summer and winter. And if you suffer from your monthly conditions, your hair is often faster fat.

If you like to wash daily … because you have a lot of sports, for example, you can skipping your shampoo and just adding some conditioner. You can also swallow your sweat or chlorine water.

In addition, you should exchange shampoo for a few months to prevent certain ingredients (such as silicones) to have a build up effect on your hair. “Replace your shampoo with another shampoo that is (also) special for your hair type,” said cosmetic chemist Mort Westman. Monthly use a purifying shampoo must also be very good.

2. Before doing the shampoo in your hair, do not make your hair completely wet

It’s all fast, of course, but if your hair is not wet enough, the shampoo does not foam enough and you may tend to use more shampoo. And that’s not good. Do not wear your hair and your wallet. Make your hair wet for a minute if you are under the shower. I was really surprised that it should take so long, but after a minute your hair is really wet. Therefore, they apparently rinse with the hairdresser for a long time.

3. If you do the shampoo in your hair, you always start in the same place (usually your crown)

Guilty. Ash. Hell. I will do that. You may notice that that is wrong because the scalp is dry and flaky on that spot. It is best to exchange your routine. Start at your neck once and the other time on top of your head. Remember as soon as you begin.

4. You rub too much and / or too hard

To prevent damage to your hair, you may want to massage your skull with your fingertips instead of your nails or palms. As the hairdresser does. So actually you just have to copy the hairdresser …

5. You rinse your hair with hot water

Hot water dries off your scalp and your hair. You can do better, just like the hairdresser (there you have him / her again) often, using warm hot water. That also ensures that your hair color stays better if you have a color in your hair. Bonus!

6. You do not rinse all shampoo / conditioner well out of your hair

If you do not rinse all the shampoo and / or conditioner, your hair may be heavy, lying flat on your head, or you may suffer from scalp irritation.

7. You bring your shampoo / conditioner on your whole head

Stop! It is not necessary. Shampoo can only be applied to your hair roots, conditioner only at the points of your hair (if you have longer hair). Your hair roots are the worst and actually only the points of your hair need some extra care. In addition, your hair becomes less fat if you do not apply the conditioner to the roots, but only in the points.


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