How To Think Positively

From the very beginning they come with the magical remedy: Solution against anxiety is positive thinking.


Last week, I got a picture of Facebook with an exchange of messages between an adorable guy and her anxious boyfriend. She was wondering, are we okay? and he answered without hesitation. Of course he did .

Whoever did not have confirmations in his life, laughs already with all the parts of the body. The remaining 99% (of the female population) already has a smile like the red melon slice. I understand that it is difficult to live with someone who is constantly staring at the salt crumb. But as a super-anxious man, I guarantee that it’s at least as hard to be the one who feels all the time.

I’m not here to complain, but to bring solutions. Because I feel like I found some super useful, because I have put in my quiver many more tools that you can resist anxiety, because I learned to live with my fears and, not in the end, because there are many who they need.

The force of positive thinking can heal your life

From the very beginning they come with the magical remedy: Solution against anxiety is positive thinking. If you always look at the good scenario that things can happen, do not worry about it. It would be simple if the anxiety problem is fixed this: I can not think positively. On the contrary, statistically speaking, I see more chances of failure than success. So everyone else around is just unconscious.

For those who have not been born with positive thoughts, gene optimism and pocket trust, I am here to initiate the art of positive thinking through a few tricks that I have learned more than my own need .

The power of thought: What if it was?

When something bad happens to us, we do not consider it the alternative than the one where everything went well. For example: What a bad luck that the morning clock did not sound, I woke up late, missed the first hour, the boss upset, etc. In this case, we automatically think that the fault is the clock: if it sounds earlier, I did not delay the meeting and everything would be ok.

In fact, there are a lot of variables, not all of them generating a better scenario than the one that happened. We could imagine sleeping more, we avoided being present at a time when we were the victim of a serious accident. Another example, perhaps even brighter, is the case of passengers who missed airplane flights that later collapsed.

Sometimes, positive thinking means taking into account worse variations that have NOT happened. It’s an exercise you can practice from right now, reminding you of various events in your life that you’ve always considered to be bad moments.

Convince yourself that the Universe wants you good, not evil

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Once you begin to pay attention to the surrounding signs, you will create a common language with the Universe. You will learn to see its signals and you will get used to listening to them even if you do not see them logically. The story with the clock is an example this time.

Once you start communicating, you notice that small details carry you on safe roads and get you out of trouble. This miracle happens to the universe, one that you learn to contect is built on law good – I said it myself, but prof. Dr. Constantin Dulcan, in his book, nteligenta matter treaty which brings scientific evidence for the existence of a superior entity that wants us good.

  • If you want to read a single book, read the Matter Intelligence ! It will change your life!

Believe in Something!

You can believe in God, the Buddha, or that we are in a simulation of an artificial intelligence, it’s your job: looking for that variant that meets your beliefs. Then, learn that almost all the cultures and religions of the world have guardian angels, spiritual guides, and protective spirits. Find yours. Talk to them, ask for their help, ask them to give you positive thoughts. If you have a moment to think, the first prayer that Christian children teaches contains the prayer of being protected and guidance to do good. So, looking for the positive in your life is not a modern gasellity, the method has been working for thousands of years. Use it!

Positive attitude draws positive thoughts

As in any field, the beginning is the hardest. Make an effort, mobilize yourself and fill your head and life with positive elements: offer love to your body with healthy food and exercise. Meditate to clear your mind from excitement and make room for gratitude. Gratitude that, if you did not know, is the antidote to fear. You will see slowly that the black thoughts will leave room for the positive ones and you will get used to looking first to the full half of the glass.

When nothing else works, shut it down! Sometimes pessimism is just exhaustion. A day of holiday, a portion of your favorite food and a good night’s sleep can completely change your perspective!

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