9 New Ways You Can Save Money


In the 80s, we spent without counting, but nowadays, our habits have changed because of the crisis, inflation … Today, we can not afford to buy on a whim. We use various tips to buy better without spending a fortune, but without overlooking the quality. Follow the guide to become a thoughtful shopping pro and live better without spending.

1. Be smart

Learn how to manage your budget and be smart, not stingy! Nuance, a malignant is defined in the dictionary as a person who “knows how to escape the hunter” while a radine “is obsessed by the fear of lack and keeps everything”. There is no question of biting each euro spent, the goal is to “thwart the pitfalls of marketing and excessive consumption,” in the words of the psychologist and psychoanalyst Marie-Claude François-Laugier.

2. Attitude to adopt in hypermarkets
If your biggest spending happens in hypermarkets, it’s time to fix it. The consumer behavior specialist advises you to do your shopping without your children. Bring a calculator to do the counting and avoid exceeding expectations, a shopping stroller instead of a trolley that pushes the filling and a list to avoid purchases on a whim. Divide your shopping list into three: the essentials (yogurt, milk …), replaceable (sponges of the brand distributor, dishwashing liquid …) and eliminables (pastries, ready meals …).

3. Dare to haggle

Some people do not dare to bargain because it makes them feel like begging. This is not the case, haggling can even show your ability to stay firm. For the psychoanalyst Marie-Claude François-Laugier, haggling is “an act of personal growth”. She advises setting a price in advance and staying firm in her position.

4. Be organized

By setting your monthly budget, you avoid impulse purchases. Here are the techniques:

Make a chart of three columns to raise your expenses in the last six months: the fixed expenses (rent, taxes …), the expenses for the leisures and your savings. You will be able to realize the “leaks”. Savings and leisure expenses should be around 10% of the total budget.
Save at the right time: do it at the beginning of the month. You will be able to face the unexpected.

5. Consume less, consume better

“Consumption will cause our economic and ecological loss,” say supporters of “decay.” A little pampering, but we must admit that there is some truth in this sentence. Moreover, the followers of the “degrowth” know how to fend for themselves. Pascale de Lomas states that “they eat healthily, recycle objects, give what they do not use, practice bartering solidarity, opt for cycling, reading, the table of friends …”. A way of life that allows you to consume less and live better.

6. Buy in cash

Psychologist Carla Blieck says that “the more money is put into practice, the easier it is to save money”. So take the habit of placing in different envelopes cash for different purchases: food, leisure …

7. Fend for yourself or not?
Do I have to blow-dry, cook my pizza instead of ordering, or make a hem instead of using a seamstress? It depends on your salary. Here’s how Marie-Paule Dousset does the math.

Salary : € 2,700 net per month

After having withdrawn the cost of your work (canteen, transport, childcare …) and taxes, you have just 1,800 € as an example (for 160 hours of work per month). Your salary is 11.25 per hour. It is best to delegate if it is worth less than the hourly sum.

8. Optimize savings

By noting each time your expenses on a small notebook, you will detect more easily superfluous.

  • There is no need to ruin buying a steamer while a “daisy” (universal basket) can do the trick.
  • Have your appliances repaired instead of buying new ones each time.
  • According to a survey, about 7% of the prices displayed in supermarkets are different from the prices registered at the caisse.Make a habit of checking your bills every time.
  • Do not be ashamed to claim. Example: by paying cash an item with a free credit of more than 90 days, you get a discount (amount set by the Ministry of Economy). A sofa of € 1,250 entitles you to € 51.25 discount.

9. Optimize your purchase.

You have already made some savings. Will you be ready to “reserve a portion of your budget to defend the world in which you want to live? “. You can buy at the local grocer or at the fishmonger. The bill is a little more expensive, but it will give you a great satisfaction while acquiring a quality product.

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