7 Things Nobody Told You About How to Make people Like You


So you want to know how to make people like you? This is easier than you think!
Sometimes we meet people, and when we strive to look cool, we make the conversation artificial and, at the very least, boring.

It must have happened to you: You smile, laugh at all the jokes, listen, make a face that you are paying attention, but the conversation is getting more and more dull and suddenly, the awkward silence arrives. No one says anything, asks nothing, one starts to move the cell phone the other to look in another direction. Simply the interaction is over.

But I have good news, with the help of science, I discovered 6 super efficient techniques to make anyone a potential “legal person.”

They are super simple techniques. You can make more friends today than you have in the last three months. Let’s go to 6 tips:

1. Encourage people to talk about themselves

People love to talk about themselves. It makes them feel good, and as they are talking to you, your image will become associated with those feelings. Just hearing about you will have positive feelings.

“Self revelation is extra rewarding,” says neuroscientist Diana Tamir, who conducted experiments at Harvard with his colleague Jason Mitchell. “People are willing to give up money in order to talk about themselves,” Tamir said after seeing the results of his research.

2. To give feedback, use questions

When you use questions to guide people to correct mistakes, they are less likely to feel threatened and more likely to go ahead.

If someone has done something wrong, do not accuse, do not correct. Ask questions, such as, “What can you do from now on so that what happened yesterday does not happen again?”, “What is your plan to solve the problem of being late?” Or “What do you think about washing the Dinnerware every day before bed? “.

3. Ask for advice

Stanford professor Jefrey Pfeffer, persuasion expert Robert Cialdini and many others recommend asking for advice is a powerful way to influence others to like you.

In an experiment conducted with real estate sales, salespeople focused on only getting the highest possible price, only 8% reached a successful agreement. When sellers asked buyers for advice on how to reach their goals, 42% reached a successful deal. Counseling has encouraged greater cooperation and information sharing, turning potentially controversial bargaining into a win-win agreement.

4. The technique of the two questions

Ask about something positive about a certain thing. So, just after the answer, ask the question you need to ask. As the person had to access positive memories the channel was opened, and this will positively influence the next answer of the next question.

It may sound like bullshit, but this method is based on research that yielded a Nobel Prize to psychologist Daniel Kahneman.

A positive answer to the first question will lead them to feel more positive about a subject. This works on any subject, just ask something that leads them to feel something positive that this will trigger positive answers to the next questions.

5. Repeat the last three words

This super simple technique can bring huge benefits.

All you have to do is repeat the last two or three words that the people you are talking to say in a friendly tone, questioning. This throws the conversation ball back to your partner who will feel that you are, in fact, interested and paying attention to what he is saying.

But here’s a caveat: Do not do it for all the others say, you’ll look like an idiot. Use wisely.

6. Focus (Positively)

Praise others, this will make you seen positively. When you complain, other people may associate these negative traits with you in their memory.

Unconsciously, when we hear both positive and negative things, we “label” this information to whoever is speaking. So if you want people to “label” you with good and positive things, praise other people for what you would like them to think about you.

I hope that with these tips your conversations and interactions become more persuasive and interesting and that, first of all, make lots of friends.

Image :https://www.pexels.com/photo/portrait-of-happy-young-woman-using-mobile-phone-in-city-254069/
source https://osegredo.com.br/2017/08/6-dicas-de-como-fazer-as-pessoas-gostarem-de-voce/

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