How To Lose Weight In 5 Easy Steps

Lose weight in 5 moves? Nothing could be simpler! The simple and effective exercises to lose weight and regain the line


There are no women in the world who really like each other physically: every woman can find faults, even invisible, on her body. And how can one, then, do something for themselves, with an almost inexistent waste of time, but with the maximum result? We certainly do not need to be an athlete to stay fit. You can follow simple “do it yourself” exercise proposals , without even setting foot outside the front door.

1. Squat: legs and buttocks in one fell swoop. We talk about very simple bending of the knees. But you will say: that’s all? Position yourself with the legs apart and the back straight. From here you simply have to bend your knees and then get up again: while you go down the buttocks will tend to go backwards, while your back you have to try to keep it straight. The target? Go down as much as possible. It is one of the most recommended aerobic exercises in absolute, as it allows you to work on several points of the body: it acts, in fact, on the legs and buttocks facilitating their strengthening and their tonicity.

2. Front lunges: the best friends of the squat. Often the squat is accompanied by another small exercise to make the thigh and legs in general: the lunge. This is also a very simple exercise, to be done comfortably at home, but which will give you excellent results. Position to be taken: bring one of the two legs, of your choice, forward, as if you wanted to do a little step. From this position, you will again have to flex both legs, making sure that the knee of the back leg touches the floor. Of course, the first time you can meet some small difficulties, but do not worry: it’s just a matter of training. Set the final goal in your mind and you will see that everything will be fine.

3. Abdominals: flatter tummy can not. Here it is the exercise of gymnastics par excellence, the most famous and the most performed in absolute. But how to run it? And in what position? Said fact: first of all lay down on the ground (better on a mat if you have it). So, have you been lying on the ground and with your legs bent? Well, from here, with your hands behind your neck, try to lift your chest as far as possible towards your legs, hold the position for a few seconds and you’re done.

4. Side abdominals: never more wide hips! From your position on the ground, just turn on one side with legs on top of each other. Keep your head supported with your arm and from there you will simply have to lift your leg up, obviously extended, and then come back. You will see that results … But I recommend, perform the exercise with accuracy on both sides.

5. The push-ups: the end of the flaccid arms. Here is the problem that afflicts all women: the excess skin under the arm. We all complained about our flaccid arms. But this too is an easily resolvable problem. As? Here is the solution for you: it will seem obvious, but the bending on the ground is the exercise that will allow you to silence your complaints. On the ground on your stomach: lift your body by making force only on your arms.

Tiresome? Well yes, you can not say the opposite, but it will be enough to repeat only a dozen a day for excellent results. I forgot one last trick: repeat each of these exercises at least for 3 consecutive series of 10-15 repetitions each. But I recommend, interspersed each series with a minute of recovery that is essential for weight loss and to burn excess fat.

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