The bending seems so out of date with the simplest abdominal vacuum .

The abdominal vacuum has nothing to do with who knows what technique of emptying the bowels and, said with the utmost seriousness, at home, if you want to practice the exercise, do it always with the utmost attention. Actually it is a breathing exercise that with the active contraction strengthens the transverse muscle – the deepest abdominal – explains Rich Sturla , owner and manager of staff training at the British firm Results Health & Performance . «Do it well and you will stabilize the spinal column thus reducing any lumbar pain and improving posture», adds the specialist.

“Known in the specialist field as the Maneuver to highlight the abdominals , the abdominal vacuum is not a fable, but on the contrary, it is based on the mechanics of breathing , the pillar of yoga and Pilates, ” continues Rich Sturla.

To practice this technique outside the fitness class (and go to the next level), we start with the simplest of maneuvers: being supine. First thing in the morning (preferably on an empty stomach while you’re still in bed), rolled on your back with your knees bent and your feet resting on the mattress. Then, exhale deeply trying to pull the navel towards the spine. The closer you get to the target, the greater the contraction intensity and the more effective this move will be.

To begin, hold the position for 15 seconds and then increase the contraction time up to a maximum of 60 seconds by taking small breaths. The contraction must be repeated three to five times.

To make the maneuver more intense, practice sitting upright or on a fitball. Once you’ve mastered the maneuver, try to bring the navel to the spine when you’re sitting or standing up during the day. “Practice, healthy diet and movement will give noticeable results in a few weeks”, guarantees Rich Sturla. Much more than what you could get by doing push-ups for life.

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