How to Get Softer Kiss Lips in 6 Tips

Have dry, chapped and cracked lips? Here are my top 6 tips on how to get rid of dry, chapped lips instantly! The colder months can leave your lips feeling dry and cracked so hopefully these tips will help you out!


Beautiful lips are a great beauty accessory. Dry and brittle, they do not just feel unpleasant, but are also optically not an eyecatcher. With these tricks, a softer kiss mouth becomes quickly again from nasty emery paper lips.

1. Drink plenty of water


The most common reason for dry lips is too little moisture. This plan can be quickly remedied: drink a glass of water of 250 ml every two hours. Who creates eight glasses a day, so already on two liters. Brittle lips should have no more chance.

2. Gentle peeling

Quick help with brittle lips is a peeling. Old skin cells are removed and the ‘new’ skin is overcrowded. The result is a nice, soft kiss mouth. Do not forget: After exfoliation, apply a moisturizer to the lips. So the lips are supplied with sufficient moisture from the outside.

3. Apply thickly at night

After the facial cleansing and before going to bed, the lips look forward to an extra portion of rich care. Therefore simply generously apply a lip cream, which can accomplish your miracle overnight. There is nothing more beautiful than a soft kiss in the morning.

4. Vitamin B2 and iron

Dry lips and cracked corners of the mouth are often a sign of a vitamin or iron deficiency. If this is the cause, red meat, green lettuce and spinach should be on the menu. If you want to be on the road, you can check back with your doctor.

5. Lipstick with care properties

Lipstick does not look beautiful on cracked lips. Sometimes the lipstick is also the cause of the problem, because it dries the lips. For daily use a lip color with nurturing properties is best suited. “Long Lasting” lipsticks should be avoided if you tend to get fast dry lips.

6. Lips daily care


If you do not want to risk brittle and broken lips, you will pay attention to your care every day. Simply daily three to four times with the lip care product of the choice and the lips always remain soft and soft.

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