5 Tricks To Bring Back The Passion Intro a Couple’s Life

Sex and love are an expression of our creativity. Do not be afraid to use it to give the color of your intimate life.


When professional life becomes very crowded or stressed, the relationship with your life partner may suffer. It may take weeks in a row to sleep in the same bed as two strangers. But even when we get to this point, we can bring our passion back to life. Here’s how:

1. Aware the situation

Nothing will change if you do not speak. Discuss what’s going on (or does not happen). As in most situations, tune makes music. A diminishing of the level of intimacy and sexual pleasure in a couple is a sensitive subject that can bring to the surface concerns about the power of attraction, being judged or rejected. That’s why it’s important not to blame your partner or yourself. Recognize with love the way you feel then say what you want.

2. Check the emotional state of your relationship

It is difficult to feel lovers or to have a passionate relationship if you are embarrassed by resentment, restlessness or stress caused by the relationship. Can you speak openly and with compassion about the things that are of interest to you daily? If you have gone away, you need to start talking about how you feel.

Do not ever criticize your partner, especially when it comes to sex. That if you do not want to make him close and become defensive. Instead, talk openly about what does not work or bother and support each other in overcoming these moments. Do not forget that generosity, kindness and openness are sexy. Resentment and criticism, no.

3. Turn prelude into a daily mood

Esther Perel’s author claims that the time we do not have sex with our boyfriend is a kind of prelude. This perspective can remind you to live with passion and value your relationship with your partner at every moment. Worth every moment you have together, turn every touch into a promise and keep the flame alive between you.

4. Inspire

Sex and love are an expression of our creativity. Do not be afraid to use it to give the color of your intimate life. Music, textures, flavors can all create a climate that will stimulate your love.

5. Connect with your body

The best way to feel better in your relationship is to feel good in your skin. Therefore, connect with your own body, love it, feed it with healthy foods, move it, spoil it.

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