If you realize that the time clock runs much faster than what is shown on the ID card, maybe it’s time to review your lifestyle. that’s how

growing old

Growing old is – unfortunately – physiological, but if you realize that the time clock runs much faster than what is shown on the ID card, maybe it’s time to review your lifestyle, because it is likely that some habits that are part of the daily routine have given an unpleasant (and unexpected) accelerated to wrinkles.

Here are the 12 behaviors that, according to the experts of Health, should be corrected immediately to reverse the aging process.


1Being Multitasking


If the list of things to do seems endless, is very likely to end a lifestyle so hectic present the bill. “The people believe that multitasking is a good thing, but in reality it is not so because it only adds more stress,” says Dr. Raymond Casciari the St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, Calif. No coincidence that many studies have shown that chronic stress causes the release of free radicals responsible for aging. The advice: instead of trying to do it all, Dr. Casciari suggests “to focus on one task at a time and move on to another only when he has completed the first.”


2Giving Up Often To Dessert

giving up often to dessert

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In addition to adding extra pounds on the scale, the sweet craving is likely to add years to your face. “The sugar molecules attach to the protein fibers of cells and this harmful process known as glycation, is reflected on the skin that looks dull and toneless, while increasing bags, puffiness and wrinkles,” says dermatologist Susan Stuart St. Diego. The advice: give up sweets (or at least limit it) if you want to maintain a perfect complexion.


3Sleeping Less Than 5 Hours Per Night

sleeping less


Skimp on hours of sleep not only leads to dark circles and widespread fatigue but also reduces life expectancy. “Sleep within seven hours is optimal for the body,” says Dr. Casciari. The advice: if you complain about symptoms related to sleep deprivation, such as energy declines the day duration, concentration problems and attention and weight gain, you should anticipate the time when you go to bed.


4Spending Hours Sitting or Watching Television

watching television


A study of 11,000 Australians over 25 and published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that each hour spent watching TV shortens life expectancy of an adult of 22 minutes, while the beholder television for an average of six hours a day lives five years less than someone who does not look at. At the same time, those who make physical activity for more than 150 minutes per week live between 10 and 13 years longer than those who never move. “This effect is mainly due to the fact that when you remain seated for more than 30 minutes, the body begins to deposit sugar into the cells, which favors the overweight,” stresses Casciari. The advice: every 30 minutes of inactivity, it is good to get up and take a short walk.


5Do Not use The Cream for The Eye Contour

eye contour


Even those who have special skin problems should still include a cream for the eye in your daily beauty routine, in order to keep wrinkles in check. “The skin around the eyes is thinner and tends to age faster, but if you keep well hydrated, it slows down the process,” he always says Dr. Stuart. The board: the most effective creams are those based on retinol or that contain emollients and moisturizing factors, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, that promote the formation of collagen and elastin.


6Sunscreen Only on Vacation

Spending time outdoors without putting sunscreen can do more damage to the skin of an entire day at the beach. “The number one cause of premature aging is exposure to ultraviolet rays, which are present even when it’s cloudy or raining,” it reminds dermatologist Sarah L. Taylor of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. The advice: whenever you are outdoors, it is important to protect your skin with sunscreen, choosing an index of protection from 30 to 50.

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7Make up

make up


Beyond effect almost assured mask, exaggerate with makeup can surprisingly also age the skin. “Abounding with makeup products, especially oil-based, can clog pores and pimples to come, not to mention that the presence of perfumes, alcohol and irritating chemicals can dry out your skin, impoverish of its natural lipid film and thus cause the formation of premature wrinkles, “confirms Stuart. The advice: better to consult a dermatologist to be sure they do not make mistakes with the make-up products.


8Sleeping With The Face in The Pillow

the pillow


How you sleep is just as important as the sleeping hours. “Over time the connective tissue and collagen begin to thin – in fact explains the plastic surgeon James C. Marotta – which means that if you sleep always on the same side, with his face buried in the pillow, the skin will no longer be so elastic as in the past and, therefore, the wrinkles that form will become permanent. ” The advice: to have a smooth skin is good to sleep on your back or prefer a satin pillowcase.


9Keep The Heater Too High

the Board


When it’s cold outside, the temptation to turn up the thermostat is strong, but in the end the losers will be only the facial skin in moisture deficiency due to excessive temperature, it will appear dry and inflamed, and more easy to wrinkles. The Board: a humidifier helps combat the dry air inside the room. Alternatively, you can put a wet towel in the radiator or a bowl of cold water in the room, so as to bring the air a bit ‘lost moisture.


10Drinking Through a Straw



Sipping dark-colored beverages with cannucci to help prevent stains on the enamel of teeth, but the continuous movement also encourages the formation of premature wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. The advice: always pour the drink into the glass and drink it from that.


11Delete it From all Fats

delete it from all fats


Not all fats are to be demonized because some of these are necessary to ensure a glowing complexion and aging test. “The omega 3 fats found in oily fish, walnuts and flax seeds are not only good for the heart and brain but also help to keep the skin soft and supple, thus preventing the formation of wrinkles,” confirms New York nutritionist Franci Cohen. The advice: according to the guidelines of the ‘Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, should eat fish at least twice a week.

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12Being Sprawled

being sprawled


Remain seated for hours at a desk often it does take a wrong and potentially dangerous posture that, over time, can end up causing pain and even permanent deformity. “The spine has a natural curvature to S which serves to stabilize arci and support us – said no coincidence Jeremy Smith, an orthopedic surgeon all’Hoag column Orthopedic Institute in Irvine, California – therefore each position that diverts the column to this normal greatly muscles stresses alignment, vertebrae, and bones. ” The advice: when you are sitting, ear, shoulder and hip should form a straight line, and check your posture throughout the day so avoid awkward positions.

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habits-that-make-you-age-fasterIf you realize that the time clock runs much faster than what is shown on the ID card, maybe it's time to review your lifestyle. that's how Growing old is - unfortunately - physiological, but if you realize that the time clock runs much faster than...