Gratitude: The Secret to Happiness


Gratitude can make you happy. Being grateful is a capacity that, once acquired, transforms your gaze on the world, on life, on people and on each event.

Some people say that the Brazilian is a happy, optimistic people who always tend to see the full side of the glass, but what the observation has shown me is that optimists are, in fact, individuals who can feel gratitude – whether Brazilian Or are not.

I learned once by attending an interview that: more important than saying thank you is saying a “thank you” with enthusiasm to all the good that happens to us.

Motivation is imperative for anyone who wants to start a thank you rather than complain training. This has been proposed by many professionals who have already realized that grateful behavior can even work miracles.


The ability to maintain positive thinking, to always look to the good side of things (and believe me, everything, everything has a good side), and the habit of thanking every day is slowly taking us to a paradigm shift , Of values ​​- and this change can be one of those responsible for our happiness.

Individuals who complain a lot are those who have developed pessimistic thinking patterns and behaviors. If we do a training, we can realize that for every event, for every event in our life, there is our look, our feeling, our thinking, our interpretation. It is they who can turn that experience into something positive or negative. The great force is in the “lenses” with which our eyes see life. We can look at the heavy traffic to the blackout of electricity, for the implication of colleague and the weight increased in the balance last weekend as major disasters. We can complain about the mess that children do at home, we can detest the boredom of that person who insists on knowing how we are,

What would make a person grateful in each of these situations?

Yes, because their lives are not perfect. They are happy, though.

Happy to be driving to work and not having to face the humiliation of public transportation in our country. Thank you for the electric light to exist when you realize that we only give value to it when we do not have it, and also because they remembered to buy candles when the blackouts come.

They also thank you for having a job, after all, maybe there are boring colleagues in all of them and maybe we are boring in the eyes of others, however, working is necessary and having a job is always grateful. A grateful and happy person will enjoy the weekend and never be enslaved by something that is worth more than going off the diet to eat and drink with friends or family.

Grateful people love the children’s mess because this is a sign that they are well and healthy. They value friends, especially those who care about them by sending messages and wondering how they are. I have particularly learned that very few people really care about me and as a consequence, I prioritize the few who pay me some attention in such lonely times. On the supermarket, we should all be grateful to be in the big queue – there are many who would like to be there, buying at least what is necessary.

And as for the neighbor’s dog: ah … grateful and happy people usually have dogs and they love unconditionally all of them, be they from the neighbor, or from the streets – besides, they sleep well. Insomnia is said to be a thing of unhappy people and heavy conscience.

Gratitude can be one of the doors to happiness, exactly why grateful people are always happy. Thank you, thank you very much and always. If you are reading these words on a bad day, thank them for being able to read, for bed to sleep, for food. Stop looking at what does not exist, for what can not, for what is not, for what is not.

While you mourn, complain, harass, and recite those famous verses of the Hardy hyena “O day, O heavens, o chance”; Someone at his side laughs, after all, since it’s to imitate the hyenas, for what they do best: laugh!

Within each of us there is a constant war between two energies, which I prefer to leave here illustrated just as the full side and the empty side of the glass. Who suffers for the water that does not have, stops drinking that is available there under the nose of each one of us. And every sunrise gives everyone the opportunity to live a beautiful day, a new life, a different way of experiencing what will come.

Give yourself a new chance. Begin by exercising gratitude.

Translated by the team of Statree  Source: osegredo

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