1Eat These 9 Fruits To Get Healthy And Fight Cellulite


The war against cellulite is waged in many different battles: with cosmetics, with massages, exercising and, of course, do not forget to feed. There are certain forbidden foods if you are trying to get rid of the orange peel, but there are also some that you should include on your shopping list. In particular, we want to review the fruits that help you in this anti-cellulite plan that starts every summer.
” The first thing that should be noted is that to achieve a beauty goal, it will not be worth just eating fruit normally. There is no magic fruit that by eating it in large quantities solves life alone because everything is achieved with a synergy To achieve beauty goals will require a combination of healthy habits, “says Inmaculada Cantrell, director of Cosmeceutical Center.
For Dr. Mar Mira of the Clinic Mira + Cueto, “the fruit in general is a good antidote for cellulite and favors the loss of weight because of its low caloric content, its diuretic and detoxifying properties, its fiber content and its satiating effect “. It is important, for example, as explained by IML experts increase citrus consumption, since vitamin C potentiates blood vessels and helps control the venous edema.
We are going to help you with this selection of ‘anti-cellulitis fruits’. Take note!



As with other red fruits, it is a good ally in your anti-cellulite action plan. The motives? It’s all fiber, water and vitamin C, which makes it a complete fruit against orange peel.


red fruit

Very low in sugar, but rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, which helps the creation of collagen. Combined with skim yogurt are a breakfast or a snack that boosts the fat burning.



Laura Parada, a nutritionist at the Slow Life House in Madrid, describes her benefits: “I consider the Apple my favorite fruit because it contributes few calories – a medium apple provides about 80 calories – but with a high nutritional value. Which favors intestinal transit, helping the food to move more quickly through the intestinal tract.


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Very rich in potassium, draining action, low in calories, and also, depurative, so they help stimulate lymphatic circulation. In addition, as with a good number of fruits, it helps to combat constipation.


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It accelerates tissue repair, aids in protein digestion and promotes the removal of retained fluids and toxins.


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It accelerates tissue repair, aids in protein digestion and promotes the removal of retained fluids and toxins. As Inmaculada Cantrell explains, its active principle is bromelain that has anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties which in turn provide an anti-cellulite and anti-edema action in situations of fluid retention.


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It can also help us fight cellulite, because it is a potent laxative loaded with vitamin C, which also helps to eliminate excess potassium.
On the margin, we give you a curious fact that will encourage you to eat more kiwis: a recent study (‘Nutrition and health benefits associated with kiwi consumption’, recently published by the medical journal Nutrition Hospitalaria) confirms the positive effect this fruit has on The mood of people with little amount of fruit and vegetables in their diet. Thus, it has been concluded that consuming two yellow kiwis daily for six weeks decreases fatigue, increases vitality and improves overall mood.


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Rich in fiber and water, so they have the satiating and diuretic effect. They help eliminate toxins and improve processes such as cellulite and acne. They are an excellent alternative in times of heat because of its high water content and moisturizing power at the body and skin levels. Rich in vitamins A and C.

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