What you feel When you’re Really in Love


Love is like a drug, there are times when it puts you to the ground and there are moments when the feelings you are trying to do can not be described in words, writes elitedaily.com. When you are really in love, the feelings you have with your lover can transform you! In good!

However, there is a very thin line between passion for one person and true love, which means you can have times in which to think that you are really in love, but this is just a moment. True love means to feel like you’ve been completely lost, not putting yourself first and just interested in the happiness of the person in front of you.

Signs that show you are really in love

1. Every time you see a beautiful thing that delights you, you think how happy your lover is if he or she would have it or if it were for you.

2. Along with him, you feel as if you are in the right place, you need nothing extra, just his presence.

3. Do you have periods when you feel the need to humble some love songs? It’s a sign that you are really in love!

4. Easily express your thoughts and feelings in front of him and you are not afraid he will criticize you.

5. You have a lot of patience and do not care if you have to explain something more times or make different beautiful gestures.

6. Your boyfriend likes you the way you are, but you always arrange for him and you are careful even with the smallest details.

7. Feel that you live for it. You want to do everything with him, to sing, to dance, to listen to him, to have dinner at the restaurant or any other thing that pleases you.

8. You are always willing to see yourself, even if there are days when you are a little tired.

9. You are not attracted to other men. Maybe you notice them, but you certainly do not think of a relationship with someone else.

10. Happiness is everything for you and smiles every time you see it feels good.

11. It is very easy for you to make some compromises for him.

12. Never get bored with him and want to spend as much time together.

13. You feel safe with him and you like the way he is used to calm you or to encourage you at certain times.

14. A lot of things, locations, situations or perfumes make you think of it. Instant!

15. You have a good feeling every time you think about it and want to make it happy.

16. You love listening to it every time he says something, even if the subject is not very interesting to you.

17. When you quarrel, something that happens in the couple, you do not want to be angry with him, and you always feel the need to talk to him calmly.

18. You love everything to him, love any gesture he does, and you do not mind when he falls asleep while telling him how you were.

19. You accept it as it is, it delights you whatever it says or does it, and you do not get used to it when you mistaken it.

20. Do not think about other men when you are with him, which means everything for you.

21. You are very happy when you know you are going to meet him.

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