10 Exercises for the Perfect Butt

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All would like to have perfect buttocks , firm buttocks . But how to firm the buttocks ? Well, obviously with the appropriate and appropriate exercises for the buttocks . So we want to suggest some training methods that will make you learn something that will make you comfortable to understand how to have a nice ass .


So here are ten that will surely do for you (even if a lot of willpower is required!).

1) Open squat (high type): you will have heard on other occasions of this type of squat, one of the exercises for buttocks buttocks more effective and, above all, useful for defining the outside of the hip. Take your time and make it as deep as you can. But be careful not to overdo it.

2) Bulgarian Squat: excellent also the Bulgarian version, because in reality it is a sort of ‘mix’ between the pitch and the squat. Really perfect for training stability and power in lengthening the pace. You can gradually add weight to make it more complicated.

3) Romanian dead weight: a very demanding exercise that must be done with dumbbells or barbell. Until you get used to the movement, do it with a low weight and measure the time very well. Over the weeks you can check if you can add more weight gradually and move weights you never imagined.

4) Side Squat: classic squat … from another point of view. Over time you can even incorporate a small handlebar to increase the difficulty. Do not be in a hurry to perform this complex movement and concentrate on not losing the balance, which is essential in this routine.

5) Burpees: this exercise is very important because it will allow you to sweat the amount of fat. In fact, more than for the buttocks are a great exercise for the whole body: it works for legs, buttocks, bisto, arms and shoulders. If this is your first time, first try to master the steps of the exercise: stand up, crouch and place your arms on the floor, then kick both legs backwards and then return to the starting position again. Tired but really exceptional.

6) Donkey football: a classic exercise on the mat underestimated compared to others, but certainly its effectiveness is proven. You can alternate between different ways to perform the exercise and then add weight, depending on how you are progressing.

7) Spartan Reverence: difficult to perform, this movement is not widely used or known because of its complexity. However, if you already have experience in the exercises for the buttocks you find it as a logical step in your routine. The key is balance, so you must first make enough progress for this type of exercise.

8) Diamond or Clamshell: a curious exercise that is little known but is perfect for beginners regarding the buttocks. You have to put yourself sideways on the floor with your legs bent and raised, like a zipper, leaving a space in the shape of a ‘diamond’. It seems complicated to perform but in reality it is not at all.

9) Side Leg Rises (with or without ballast): helping you with a chair or a support point, with your back straight, lift one of your legs sideways at an angle of about 30 degrees. Know that it is very important not to overdo the extension to avoid damaging the tendons and muscles. At first, try it without ballast.

10) Good morning: it seems incredible, but this exercise is the best for training our buttocks. Yet, it is little used. Perhaps due to the fact of having to insert a bar with the weight, which can make the nose turn up. However, the key is to start weightless (bar only) to learn the technique. Then you can begin to lift the weight gradually, without however exaggerating to avoid annoying pains.

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