90 Cute I Miss You Quotes about Imply That You Miss Someone


If you’re separated or apart from your loved one – this amazing list of I Miss You Quotes will help. Being away or separated from a loved one can be extremely difficult and emotionally draining. This list of missing you quotes will help you cope with the situation. Enjoy this wonderful collection of I miss you love quotes.

1. “When I miss you, I do not have to look far … I look in my heart because that’s where I’m going to find you.”

2. “To no longer be with you at this hour, no longer hear your heart beating, no longer smell your smell, is for me the most terrible of pains.”

3. “Every moment spent with you is like a beautiful dream come true … I miss you.”

4.  “Together we can make the world jealous.”

together we can make the world jealaus
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5. “I will invent words of love, to tell you what I live, To tell you my desire, to have you with me forever.”

6. “As the tree needs the earth, as the night needs the moon, as the star needs the sky, my world needs you, I miss you.”

7. “Without you there is no love, without you there is no self. without you there is nothing I ask you to stay close to me because I will always need you.”

8. “My life without you is empty of meaning like wealth without happiness and like a lock without a key.”

9. “I love the way he teachs me.”

i love the way he teaches me
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10. “Never has a glass wounded me, never an arrow pierced me, never a knife cut me, only your absence killed me.”

11. “Everywhere, on the walls of my prison, where reason dies, in the clear water of a river, where our senses are in prayer, I will write your name.”

12. “The day when the sun is absent is the day when you will stop missing me.”

13. “So many unanswered questions all I know is that I miss you.”

14.  “I think I’m miss you forever, like the stars miss the sun in the morning skies.”

i think i'm miss you forever
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15. “Darkness is not the absence of light … but it is your absence.”

16. “If I had a flower for every time I think of you, I will live in my garden.”

17. “The alphapet begins with A and B the music begins with Do Re Mi, but love begins with you and me.”

18. “I feel your presence despite your absence, I hear your voice in spite of the silence of the night, I still believe in love despite distance and I love you despite the suffering.”

19. “If you ask me how many times you’re crossed my mind, I’d say once, because you never really left.”

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20. “If you are sensitive to my affection give me a little warmth, and do not let me drown myself in a mortal anxiety.”

21. “Tonight the moonlight dominates me, the freshness of my room, makes your absence even more painful, you the angel of my dreams.”

22. “Every day spent with you makes me want to be with you.”

23. “Never has a glass wounded me, never an arrow pierced me, never a knife cut me, only your absence killed me.”

24. “I wish you were here, but you’re not here, you he there.And there doesn’t know how lucky it is. I MISS YOU”

i miss you
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25. “I miss you like a star that smiles with the beautiful ray of sun that illuminates life is too beautiful, I WOULD LIKE you,”

26. “I miss you like a star that smiles with the beautiful ray of sunlight that illuminates life is too beautiful, I WOULD LIKE you, to the stars that shine.”

27. “To be near or to be far away you will always remain a part of me, a soul that moves in my heart, a spirit that manifests each time that is why I can not live without you.”

28. “There are friends, there are enemies and there are people like you who are never forgotten with love. I miss you.”

29.  “Can you feel me when i think about you?”

can you feel me when i think about you
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30. “In the distance, in the distance, thinks a little heart to you, loves you and likes you and misses you terribly!”

31. “Flowers need sunshine, and i need you to be happy!”

32. “If you are lonely, if you miss me, think about it, i love you, because you only exist once.”

33. “Much can be dispensed with, but not man.”
Ludwig Borne

34. “I don’t want someone like you, i want you”

i don't want someone like you, i want you
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35. “No matter what i do, no matter where i am – you just do not leave me!”

36.”A happy love would have nurtured your heart’s longing and destroyed itself, but a broken one has immortalized her.”
Jean Paul

37. “I’m here, you’re there. One is in the wrong place!”

38. “Sweet melancholy is the real character of a genuine love – the element of longing and unification.”

39. “As l sit here and whisper, ”I Miss You” l belive somehow you can still hear me.”

i believe somehow you can still hear me
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40. “The time will soon pass, so we can meet again soon!”

41. “I think of you so often in the day, that means that i like you like. If the distance is still so big, you will not get rid of me any more!”

42. “There is someone in the distance, who really loves you eerily.”

42. “The longing only dwells in the heart, in which the seed of love thrives.”
Franz Kugler

43. “Dear ,boys… If you don’t have intentions to make her your wife, Do not her you Girlfriend…”

do not make her your
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44. “I want to write” I miss you “on a rock and throw on your face, so you know how much it hurts to miss you.”

45. “I only miss you when I breathe.” – Jason Derulo

46. “Some mornings still feel like the night before, I’m just waiting for the days I do not miss you anymore.”

47. “Sometimes when a person is absent, the whole world seems depopulated.” Lamartine

48. “You’re my only one in 7 billion.”  – Papa ki pyari bachhi

you're my only one in 7 bilion

49. “If you miss someone, the time seems slower to move, and when I fall in love with someone, the time seems to be faster.” – Taylor Swift

50. “If I do not, it means that I will wake up, so that you may miss me, if only you knew.”

51. “If I ever see you smile and know it’s not for me, I’ll miss you the most.”

52. “I’m trying to ignore you, but I really miss you.”

53. “When i miss you, i read our old conversations, smile like an idiot, listen to songs that reminds me of you more.”

when i miss you, i read oud old conversations.
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54. “I still have the most beutiful memories of life. Shared memories together that made you want to feel like. Without you life is bland and seems uselss.”

55.Every day that passes away from you weary me, your thoughts embrace me and loneliness annoys me.”

56. “If every time I thought of you a flower was growing then the world would be a huge garden.”

57. “Whenever you miss me, a star falls from the sky, if one day you find the empty star sky then it will be your fault because I miss you a lot.”

58. “The truth is : I fucking miss you”

the truth is, i fucking miss you
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59. “Lie down on your bed, close your eyes, stop breathing for a minute you catch your breath … you’ve seen how much you lack the air is how you miss me.”

60. “Joy is you, love is you, life is you, you are the whole. So how can I live without anything? I miss you so much !”

61. “I adore you too much, you miss me like a star that smiles with the beautiful ray of sunlight that illuminates life is too beautiful, I WOULD LIKE you, even the shining stars!”

62. “I’d give you anything. The love I have in me is everything for you. You’re the only one I believe in. I love you and miss you too much.”

63. “It’s not your kiss, or your taste.
It’s not your smell, or your face.
It’s not your touch…

It’s your heart.
That’s what I miss the most.
The beat of your heart beat.”

the beat of your heart beat
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64. “Show me thy face, make me hear thy voice, for thy voice is sweet, and thy face is pleasant. I miss you so much my love. I love you so!”

65. “I think you think I’m thinking of you, this thought makes me think you’re thinking of me, so I think of you thinking you’re thinking about my treasure.”

66. “A request: take care of yourself. One wish: do not forget me. A lie: I do not think of you. One truth: I miss you. A reality: I adore you”

67. “Out of sight out of mind. This proverb is indeed a liar, for despite the distance it is to you that I think!”

68. “Sometimes l wonder whether you do miss me, the way miss you.”

sometimes i wonder whether you do miss me, the way i miss you
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69. “I miss you, I have no right to express the madness that haunts me, I have no right to love and I can have nothing to calm my evil, my passion, my desire and my crazy thoughts!”

70. “I miss you, I love you, you are desire, passion, ecstasy, love, madness, revolution, I love you without reason, I love you, but the words “love “is no longer enough, for my love for you is greater.”

71. “I will write on all the stones you miss me and I hope that one will fall on your head so that you know how much it hurts when someone misses you.”

72. “Far from you, I see blurry and hurt everywhere because I only think of you, I know it’s crazy, but I like you.”

73. “Missing you could turn from pain to pleasure if l knew you were missing me too.”

if i knew you were missing me too
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74. “I can not breathe without you, I can not live without you, I can not sleep without you, wherever I go you are with me.”

75. “Tonight the moonlight dominates me, the freshness of my room, makes your absence even more painful, you the angel of my dreams.”

76.  “One day I may cease to love you, but I shall never cease to love the day when I have loved you.”

77.  “I lose myself when you are away from me, I see again when you hold me in your arms.”

78. “Even if l spent the whole day with you. I will miss you the second you leave.”

i will miss you the scond you leave
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79.  “The courage has become so tired and the longing so great.”
Rainer Maria Rilke

80.  “All wishes will be small next to being with you!”

81.  “Even if you think you’re alone, my heart will always be with you!”

82.  “If I could plant a flower for every time I miss you, I could walk through my garden forever.”

83. “I hope you miss me sometimes.”

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84. “Life with you is a dream but without you a hell … I miss you so much.”

85.  “I tremble every time you’re not there … that the moment is close to the moment you come closer.”

86.  “You miss me, you occupy my thoughts, you make my days a delirium, my nights a ton of desires, my life a long sigh and my dreams an impossible love, I love you.”

87. “That’s my girl might be the cutest thing that a boy could say.”

that's my girl might be the cutest thing that a boy could say
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88.  “Because dreams are not real, because phone calls are not kisses, because mail dot not cuddle, i miss you every”

89.  “Being away from you makes me suffer, thinking about you and hearing you voice makes me happy, being by you side is my desire.”

90.  “I do not want you to come back … I just wanted you to stay.”

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