How Couples Meditation Can Improve Your Love Life

Meditation in two can help you connect with one another.


“Leave your worries at the door when you get home ,  says a wise word from the elders. This healthy practice may be inadequate to connect with your loved one deeply. Throughout the day, each of you is caught up in everyday life and comes into contact with various people. That is why it is important that at the end of the day you create a sacred moment during which you will consciously connect with each other. Meditation in two can help you do this.

I learned this meditation from my friends Mike and Ai of California. I assure you that the effect is immediate and incredible and the process very simple.

Meditation in two a cure for couple harmony

Place two chairs in front of each other at a small distance, then sit down with each other. Your legs are tangled with his. Your left hand encompasses his left hand. The right hand of each of you is placed in the heart of the other.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply a few times. Feel heart beats. You feel the energy of love flowing through your palms in the whole body, filling it with a pink, pleasant light. You are now in a bubble of pink light in your sacred space. Continue to inspire and exhale deeply for a few minutes enjoying your spiritual and emotional connection.

Then, keeping your eyes locked, bend slightly to each other until your forehead touches. Feel how you connect and harmonize at the mental and intellectual level, how you fill one another and in this regard. Breathe deeply into this posture for two to three minutes.

Keeping it, open your eyes and, from this space of deep love and communion, look into your eyes. Leave the wave of joy to flood you. Feel the invisible threads that connect to each other at such a deep level. Tell each other “I love you”.

Then you can kiss and hug you.

Practiced daily, even for five minutes, this exercise will strengthen your couple relationship. It will help you overcome the barriers of the ego, communicate more easily, trust more each other, and even your sexual life will improve. Your house will always be full of joy and love and you will finally live the couple’s relationship you dreamed about.

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