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leave you the best quotes of Charles Bukowski , author of more than 50 books and symbol of dirty realism and independent literature.

Charles Bukowski
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Charles Bukowski was born on August 16, 1920 in Germany and died at age 73 in Los Angeles, a city that influenced most of his novels and poems, taking him to the public eye as a cursed writer.

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1. “We are here for the teachings of the church, the state and our educational system to disappear.”

2. “We are here to kill the war. We are to laugh at fate and live our lives so well that death trembles when we receive.”

3. “That is the problem with the drink, I thought, while I poured myself a drink.”

4. “When something bad happens, you drink to forget it; If something good happens, you drink to celebrate it; and if nothing happens, you also drink so that something happens.”

5. “Some people never go crazy. What a horrible life they must have.”

6. “Once a woman turns her back on you, forget her.”

7. “They can see you dying in a gutter and will pass by your side and spit on you.”

8. “An intellectual says a simple thing in a complicated way. An artist says a complicated thing in a simple way.”

9. “I want you to know, however, that all the nights I have slept by your side, they were always something splendid and those difficult words that I have always feared to say can be said now: I love you.”

10. “Of course it is possible to love other people if you do not know them too much.”

11. “Love? People do not want love; They want to succeed, and one of the things they can do is love.”

12. “I like to think about all those people who taught me so many things that I had never imagined before.”

13. “In the end we ended up crazy and alone.”

14. “What I really needed was a bottle of beer with the wet label and those cool cold drops on the surface of the glass.”

15. “The free soul easily identifies it when you see it.”

16. “Sometimes a man has to fight so hard for life that he does not have time to live it.”

17. “Almost always the best thing in life is to do nothing at all, to spend time reflecting.”

18. “It is an optimistic pessimism.”

19. “Love burns with the first sun of reality.”

20. “They taught me well. When that was so necessary, they showed me so many things that I never thought they were possible.”

21. “I must go, I do not know exactly why; I’m crazy, I suppose. Bye.”

22. “I had the feeling that I could fall into those eyes.”

23. “Beware of those who seek crowds.”

24. “By yourself, not by fame or money, you have to continue.”

25. “Never felt loneliness; The more separated from people he was, the better he felt.”

26. “The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy, you first vote and then you receive orders. In a dictatorship you do not have to waste time voting.”

27. “It takes a lot of desperation, dissatisfaction and disappointment to write a few good poems.”

28. “What counts is to observe the walls.”

29. “People do not want to work, people want to live well, but without working.”

30. “People who believe in politics are like people who believe in God: they are air with twisted sorbets.”

31. “The difference between a brave and a coward, is that a coward thinks twice before jumping into the cage with a lion. The brave simply does not know what a lion is.”

32. “There are worse things than being alone but it often takes decades to realize and most of the time when you do it is too late.”

33. “To know who your friends are, have them put you in jail.”

34. “All those friends well inside my blood who when there was no opportunity gave me one.”

35. “When men control governments, we will be screwed.”

36. “Knowledge, if you do not know how to apply, is worse than ignorance.”

37. “I can not stand the human being in his current state.”

38. “Psychiatrists should have a term to designate that, I also have it for psychiatrists.”

39. “My ambition is limited by my laziness.”

40. “A man takes only problems out of his thoughts.”

41. “You start saving the world saving a man.”

42. “Anything can drive a man crazy because society is based on false bases.”

43. “Frankly, I was horrified with life, with what a man had to do just to eat, to sleep.’

44. “When I drank the world I was still out there, but at the moment I did not have you around the neck.

45. “Examining your own mind is the worst thing a madman can do.”

46. “There was some music; life seemed then a little more pleasant, better.”

47. “The well-balanced individual is crazy.”

48. “It’s amazing what a man has to do just to be able to eat, sleep and get dressed.”

49. “Man is born to die.”

50. “And there is also, of course, the madness and terror of knowing that some part of you is like a clock that can not be wound up again, once it stops.”

51. “I only know that there are too many people with fear.”

52. “When you are on the street is when you realize that everything has an owner.”

53. “This is how democracy works: you take what you can, try to keep it and add something if possible.”

54. “Dogs have fleas, people have problems.”

55. “When love is an order, hatred can become a pleasure.”

56. “I never analyze, I just react … I walk with all my prejudices. I never try to improve myself or learn anything.”

57. “This is also how the dictatorship works, only that one enslaves and the other destroys its disinherited.”

58. “It’s 4:30 in the morning. It’s always 4:30 in the morning.”

59. “A brave man is almost always a man without imagination.”

60. “We have formed our society with our lack of spirit.”

61. “Play the violin. Dance the belly dance. Plant tulips in the rain. But do not write poetry.”

62. “Pain was for me only as bad luck: I did not know it.”

63. “That was all a man needed: hope.”

64. “Loving people felt more free, but lacked the capacity to feel or love.”

65. “If you are losing the soul and you know it, then you have another soul to lose.”

66. “We made love in the midst of sadness.”

67. “The definition of life: problems.”

68. “Most people go from nothing to the grave without being touched by the horror of life.”

69. “The greatest inventions of man are the bed and the atomic bomb: the first one isolates you and the second one helps you to escape.”

70. “When the spirit fades, the form appears.”

71. “The computer is my new dildo. My writing has doubled in power and performance since I have it.”

72. “Another thing in this society is what hurts you.”

73. “Education was the new divinity, and educated men the new powerful landowners.”

74. “Fuck the truth. Style is more important: how to make one for each thing.”

75. “Car drivers when they get angry with another driver often show their finger.”

76. ‘Where have the audiences that were able to choose and discriminate gone?”

77. “Even at the racetrack I see the horses running and I think it does not make sense.”

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