6 Way To Attract a Trusted Partner


If you want to attract an integrity, trustworthy partner, it is necessary to be such a person yourself. Integrity is vital in all relationships and begins with the relationship you have with yourself.

Here are six ways you can attract more integrity into your life:

1. Align with those who give, not what I take

An integrity person is a person who can give morality, honesty, honor, trust, authenticity, and nobility.

2. Trust your intuition

An alarm signal should not be ignored. If you feel that, do not expect to take action until you get the real world proof. At one point, I fell in love with a man who lived in another country I met in the virtual environment, at his invitation, I decided to visit him. As soon as I bought my plane ticket, I felt as if something was wrong. I later found out that at that time he was visiting another lady :).

3. Do not let what you want to hear hiding the truth

If a man tells you that he does not want a relationship, believe him and appreciate being honest with you. But if you want a relationship and continue to meet with such a person, it means you are not honest with any of you.

4. Compare what he says with what he does

Be careful if his actions align with what he says and who he claims to be. No one can pretend so well for a long period of time so be more careful about what he does than what he says. You know that the facts are more brilliant than the words.

5. See if it respects you or not

A person lacking integrity will not respect you. Lack of respect for others often denotes a lack of respect for oneself. Then someone is not cherished, and his conduct leaves you desirable.

6. Be the best example of integrity

Often, maintaining integrity in times of stress requires creative solutions. For example, how can you take care of your own person when you get totally involved in a relationship? Taking care of you is proof of your respect for you.

If a person or a difficult situation has appeared in your life, do not look at her as a burden. Look at this as an opportunity to identify areas of growth in your own life. Uses such a conjuncture as a healing jump point. Appreciates the challenges of life as unexpected gifts.

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