9 Amazing and Delicious Things that only go on in Long Relationships!


It is true that couples who have been dating for many years may have heard at some point, the classic question:  “When will you get married?” .

Family and social pressure motivates the shamed smiles to answer such a question. Few people understand that dating is a phase of mental, emotional and spiritual preparation of the couple with no validity. See the  9 amazing and delicious things that just go on in long relationships!

1. Reading each other’s eyes

The look tells everything and can  demonstrate exactly what the other is thinking, feeling or imagining. This feat of guessing the soul of the partner is only possible between  couples who have a lot of intimacy, knowledge and surrender . This almost reading of thought can be a safe haven for the companion and even if he does not admit it, it is very pleasant to know that the loved one knows you so well. 

2. Constructive fights

To have a long relationship you have to overcome several discussions, and this is super normal, of course! Everyone disagrees with someone else and the cool thing is the learning that these episodes bring. Understanding, forgiveness and the quest to be a better person are embedded in coexistence with two.  Therefore, the fights make the couple mature, overcome and enjoy the relationship even more , for being together in good times and bad and knowing each other better and better.

3. You two alone = the perfect program!

There’s nothing better than a two-part program you love, do not you? You know each other deeply and have created common habits and hobbies and can plan the holidays or the most fun weekend in the world without anyone else. They also know that a simple dinner on any Monday can be the best!

4. Classical question: “Where is your boyfriend?”

This question is classic for couples who have a long relationship. Your family, your friends, and your acquaintances will want to know why a loved one is not with you on certain occasions. Once you know the reason for the absence, the conversation will follow with other questions, and with that, you will understand that people already see you as a duo . If it causes you any discomfort, use all of your naturalness and maturity to explain the reason for the absence and emphasize that you are there with a lot of affection and will and that you, despite being a couple , always maintain your individuality.

5. I love you and do not need to say that I love you every day!

The “I love you” does not need to be said every day. The demonstration of true love goes far beyond these three words together. The passionate look, the touch, the actions and attitudes can be worth much more and when there is intimacy and confidence, both will be satisfied, confident and convinced of this love.

6. My, your, our family

In your family, when you plan trips, birthdays, birthdays, family reunions, and the presence of your love, in your family, the same thing happens – they already know that one is part of the other and that on important occasions, they are good or bad, you will be together.

7. Always the right present

On a birthday or special date your love never misses the gift. Setting this point is one of the advantages of being many years together, for sure the person already knows his taste and his choices. To know how to surprise and to conquer is the concretization of the phrase “make every year the best of your life” – Isthis the formula of a long and happy relationship?

8. Preserved individuality 

It is healthy for a couple to have their separate and different professional and personal activities, andtrust and years of living make respect for each other’s (and ours’s) living space more and more carefully and preserved. What does it bring? Wealth for the couple and subject to much more time, after all they have what to tell each other at the end of the day.

Preserved individuality
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9. With great pride: “it’s been a while since we’ve dated”

With a lot of patience, you have responded thousands of times “how long have you been together?” . And every day, he responds with more tranquility in knowing that he is living a phase of maturing with love and that all moments are very worthwhile next to those who love. 

Human relationships are fragile for different reasons, and a long relationship becomes even more beautiful because they are able to build a true feeling in the midst of so many things that can influence the lives of two people .So, keep looking for the relationship: The 51 Keys to Commitment in Love Before Marriage


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