8 Tips to Wake Up Your Libido After Childbirth

The arrival of a child, fatigue and physical changes bring many changes in the sexuality of the couple. How to relaunch the flame of desire? Overcoming his apprehension? Discover our tips to give color to your sex life.


Difficult after giving birth to resume his sex life as if nothing had happened. Painful episiotomy for Madam, afraid of hurting for Monsieur, tired for everyone … the brakes are many, and yet it is essential for the couple to reinvest the sexual dimension of his relationship. Essential for not becoming only parents, and essential for your child who feels in his early days the love and tenderness that unite his parents.

1. Know how to take your time

After a delivery, the cervix is ​​fragile, and the walls of the vagina still bruised by the passage of the baby. Small wounds, stitches …: in short, this intimate area needs to recover from its emotions. Young moms experience moreover for at least two weeks bleeding, lochia (a mixture of blood clots and remnants of placental membranes, something sexy thing). In view of this state of things not jojo, it is recommended to wait at least six weeks before having sex. On the other hand, if the young mother feels the desire and the energy, nothing forbids to lavish manual or oral caresses to the young father. We said “Si …”


2. Make a clean space

Some images of childbirth can leave a lasting impression in the male mind, and thus change the vision they have of their companion. If the desire sometimes comes out of the experience of birth, in other cases, a blockage settles: it is essential to verbalize any unwanted memories able to pollute the male desire. A good opportunity to reinforce his complicity rather than letting a malaise settle.


3. Reassure his troops

If during pregnancy, the female body is round and full, some women are fat and flabby after delivery, not to mention the possible appearance of stretch marks. The caring and reassuring look of their partner is essential for them to regain confidence in their power of seduction, despite their new body and their new status as mothers. Gentlemen, to your compliments! And do not hesitate to offer them some pretty outfits to celebrate their departure from the maternity to make them want to be beautiful for you.


4. Stay realistic

Fatigue, a little red and screaming machine, unable to shower before 17h: the enemies of desire are numerous during the first months of your child. Do not put the bar too high and do not feel guilty if you do not want to put on your garter belt: rather than wanting to find an unbridled sexuality from the start, start by wagering on the awakening of your sensuality with tender caresses and more and more targeted. Stimulated by frequent and repeated contact, your desire will wake up naturally.


5. Playing the field

Sometimes we are never better served than by ourselves. Before you start the big game, do a reconnaissance mission solo throwing you into a session of masturbation (or more if the heart tells you). In addition to reconnecting with your body and identifying possible painful points, finding your own sensations of pleasure will reassure you about your sexual abilities.


6. Choosing the right angle of attack

Even after healing, the first penetrations should be smooth. If we let desire go up by putting the package on the preliminaries, at the time of coitus, we discover the pleasures of slow sex with a delicate and deep penetration that allows us to reclaim the place … smoothly. To make penetration easier, do not skimp on the lubricant ! And be careful, if you feel pain, stop everything. No question of creating blockages or apprehensions: make an appointment with your gynecologist to make an inventory, and in the meantime, enjoy the joys of clitoral stimulation.


7.  Put yourself in the baby’s time

After a day spent caring for a newborn baby, you usually only want one night when it’s dark: SLEEP just the head resting on the pillow. Adapt to this new configuration, and enjoy the respite offered by the naps of your offspring to rediscover the pleasure of naughty naps.


8. Take off

Does your toddler sleep about nights and can be trusted to grandparents? Give your couple priority over a weekend and escape as a couple. Nothing like a good dinner in one’s head followed by a night in a romantic place (and calm) to blow on the embers of desire.

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