Tabo about sex is slow in society, but it is also a matter of concern and today we can no doubt say that good sex life is something that everybody desires. The truth is, however, that he does not have many pairs that have been together for years. So where was the error? The problem may be that one of the partners is committing one of these 7 mistakes that can absolutely ruin sexual life. 

Experienced sexologists have agreed that if you do not avoid these 7 mistakes, your sexual life will suffer (and you with him).

# 1 “Dead Fish”

And no, it’s not just women. With the approach “I’m so lying down here, and you can do what you want,” you’ll be lucky enough to never. You can not expect your partner to do everything – both of them should make the same “effort”. So do not be passive.

# 2 Sex is not a stress reliever

Of course, if you and your partner feel that way, if you help him, it’s just for you. The truth is, however, that most people will not even think about sex in over-stressing and over-stressing periods. If you force her to do so with the reason that she only gets rid of it, in fact you just increase your stress.

# 3 After sex, you are afraid to say what you feel

Feedback is extremely important, not only in the beginnings of the relationship. It may be even more important if you have been with your partner for years. It is natural that sexual preferences and aspirations change over the years, and it is certainly better to tell your partner that he is no longer satisfying you than first looking for comfort in a strange arms. Problems are yet to be solved.

# 4 You defend yourself from pre-play

The foreplay is especially important for sex, that is, ahead of him, especially women. Do not defend it, it will help you better know the body of your half. It is also proven to deepen the emotional bond between partners.

# 5 You talk in sex

If you whisper a couple of hot words to your partner, it can only be a plus, but if you talk too much, it will have the exact opposite effect. Sex is primarily a physical connection, so in these intimate moments let your body talk.


# 6 Every hug or kiss you want to turn into sex

It is true that every intimate moment should be started by embracing, kissing or kissing, but certainly it should not be the rule that these things must end each time by sex. Sometimes, your half really wants only a hug or a romantic kiss – without something else going on. Also enjoy these romantic moments – they are crucial in building and consolidating every relationship

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