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Hal Elrod, North American author, makes known its simple and effective method to achieve the life you’ve always dreamed. His book Mornings Miraculous is a tool that can help the reader to succeed levels never before imagined. The change of habits and morning routine proposed by Hal Elrod will provide significant improvements in health, happiness, relationships, finances, spirituality or any other areas that need to be improved. Change your habits and transform your life with the following advice:

1  Practicing silence

To start the day with the calm, lucidity and peace of mind you need to stay focused on what matters most in your life start the morning with a period of Silence. Silence helps reduce stress, develop greater self-awareness, and keep us focused on our goals and priorities. Practicing silence is very simple and can be done in various forms: meditation, prayer, reflection, deep breathing and gratitude. You do not have to practice them all at the same time, choose those with which you most identify and perform only one each morning. Five minutes is enough and all forms of silence help to relax the body and the mind, to calm the spirit and to have a greater awareness of itself.

2  Practice affirmation / mentalization

Positive thinking and the use of affirmations and mentalizations help our paths toward prosperity and success. The inner dialogue has a great influence on the level of success that we can achieve in the most varied areas of life. Our thoughts and statements may favor or hurt us. It all depends on how we use them. By being the active creators of our affirmations, and if we do it in alignment with what we want to achieve and who we need to be in order to make it happen, they have an immediate impact on the subconscious. Affirmations and mentalization of ideas transform our way of thinking and feeling, helping us overcome our beliefs and our limiting behaviors, and replacing them with those we need to succeed. It’s like we reprogram ourselves. Affirming and mentoring phrases such as “I control my destiny” or “I deserve to be successful” can work miracles in our lives. Choose the affirmations that you want to see materialized in your life, repeating them daily. Reprogram your mind and be a winner!

To view

This practice aims to generate positive results, using the imagination to create mental images of specific attitudes and situations and desirable outcomes. Practice the 3-step view:

1. Preparation

Use background music at low volume. Sit comfortably with your back straight, close your eyes, breathe deeply and calm the mind.

2. Visualize what you want to achieve / attract to your life

See, feel, hear, touch every detail of your vision. The more realistic your vision, the more deeply you will commit to the actions that lead to its realization. Then move on to the future, seeing yourself realize what you have set out to do, and enjoy the pleasure you will gain from having fulfilled all the steps that will help you achieve your dreams.

3. Visualize the person you need to be and what you need to do

While creating the mental image of what you want, visualize the person you need to be to realize your vision. Look at positive actions that should be practiced every day like doing physical exercise, working in harmony with colleagues, studying, seeing yourself smiling at people who pass by you, etc. Above all, visualize yourself with a determined and confident expression on everything you do.

4.  Exercise early in the morning

Practicing exercise early in the morning helps increase energy levels, promotes health, self-confidence, emotional well-being, mental clarity, and concentration. Morning exercise helps wake you up for the day and can improve your life in many ways. Alternatives depend on you and your preference, you can go for a walk, go to the gym, or if you prefer to stay at home, following a lesson through the internet. Yoga to start the day is an excellent option. This millenarian practice can cure disharmonies, dispel energy blocks, and put stagnant energies into motion.

5.  Read and internalize

Through reading we can transform any area of our lives, reading opens our minds, our spirit helps us to develop the reasoning and the ability to argue. When we read a book, for example self-help, we are learning from the experts, or at least someone who has already passed through the experience we are experiencing. There is no limit to the knowledge we derive from reading. Having a habit of reading every day keeps the brain active and improves memory. Tip: When you read a book to get the most out of it and you can easily reread the contents that are most important to you, underline the parts you consider most important, make notes on the margins that help you remember the reason you underlined that specific passage.

6.  Write and re-read

Writing allows us to document our ideas, discoveries, achievements, successes and lessons learned. Even without any kind of experience in the art of writing, writing keeping a journal is a good way to track your progress. Then there is another very important exercise you must do – read what you have written. When we revisit our memories and experiences we see how much we have evolved and how much we have grown as individuals. Rereading our initiatives, progress and successes allow us to review lessons learned and savor the sweet taste of victory. According to Hal Elrod, writing a diary brings some benefits:

· Clarity of thought – writing compels us to reflect and deepen our understanding of certain themes and areas. Help us to gather ideas and find answers to our problems.

· Writing ideas – writing allows us to expand and register ideas to implement in the future.

· Review lessons learned – through writing we can review lessons we have learned that have been very helpful to us and serve as a motivation for setting new goals for our lives.

· Becoming aware of our progress – it is very gratifying to see through our memories how far we have progressed. It is a unique experience that gives us more security and more power over our lives and the goals we want to achieve.

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