5 Tips To Turn Yours Failure intro Success


Failure is always difficult to take. And when you feel that you are facing a failure after another, it becomes even more difficult. Regardless of the source or cause, failure can erode your self-confidence and make you adopt behavior that is not beneficial to you. Here are five rescuing steps for moments when you feel overwhelmed by failure.

1. Re-invent your goals and make sure they are SMART

Failure is difficult to avoid if you have not set goals to encourage success. If your goals are disorganized, vague or not aligned with who you are, failure will knock you out. So, how are SMART goals? They are specific, measurable, achievable, resonate with you and are measurable over time.

2. Get it from the beginning

If you feel overwhelmed by failure, it is easy to get stuck in that place – but you do not have to allow it. No matter what hour of the day it is or on which day of the week you can get it right now. I know, it’s tempting to wait until Monday but does not do that.
Go for a walk, order your office, kitchen or refrigerator. Do any gift right now.

3. Practice Failing

Spanx founder Sara Blakely has famously said her father insisted she fail at something every week and report back. He helped frame failing as the ultimate secret to success.

Don’t get caught up in the perfection trap. Launch your product or service boldly and get ready to fail, at least partly. Nothing will go as seamlessly as you want it to regardless of how prepared you are. Use those failures as information and lessons to make your company bigger and better than before.

4. Redefines success and failure

Most of the time we define success as something we have not yet touched, whether it’s shaping silhouette or promoting at work. Every day we do not get there or make a significant step forward) is considered a failure. It’s so easy to ignore the small steps you make and that lead to the desired change. These are the big win. If you direct your attention to the small things that you have done well, you will not only get rid of the idea that you have failed, but you will be able to create a positive feedback loop that will encourage you to continue.

5. Learn the lesson

Perhaps you’ve begun to eat chocolate after a month you’ve managed to stop.

Some things make failure seem inevitable. The solution to avoid this trap of the mind is to find the hidden lesson in so-called failure. Ask yourself what you can learn and how you can avoid the situation in the future.

How have you turned your own failures into successes? Let me know by leaving a comment below:

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