5 Keys to Mindfulness to Change Your Life in 15 Days


The great changes are preceded by small jolts, of timid daily variations that have the power to change our lives in the right direction. Mindfulness can help us achieve this, and these five keys will enable us to learn to be more aware of the present moment to make real changes in a short time.

We all know that when we speak of happiness , there are no miracles. What exists is the willpower and open mind that day after day is gradually becoming more perceptive to everything that happens around you to intuit opportunities. To cross the right door at the right moment.

Cheer up, because every place is HERE AND NOW, and because every moment is NOW.

One of the greatest enemies that separates us from these thresholds of opportunity is undoubtedly the ” wandering mind .” So much so that, according to several studies, we spend about 30 to 40% of our time in the “autopilot” position. To live a routine life where we become mere passengers rather than commanders is like leaving our own happiness in the hands of fate.

This is not the most appropriate. So we suggest you make some changes. We invite you to include in your daily life these five keys to see direct results in 15 days.

1. Be receptive to your emotions, the best time to deal with them is NOW

Mindfulness is, above all, a philosophy of life; a tool to develop a fuller awareness of our present moment and what happens in it.

  • None of this would have made sense if we did not pay attention to our emotions. Aspects such as deception, disgust, contradiction or anger can not be placed inside a hard drive folder of our brain .
  • We must manage them, understand those emotions, take control of this inner world without delay.

2. Mindfulness teaches to stop judging

Learn to live your own reality without judging. Others have every right to make, understand and live their life as they wish.

  • Your life is yours, be responsible for it and avoid making judgments about the universes unrelated to yours. Something so simple will allow you to have a state of calm and proper balance as of today.

3. Be receptive, listen, learn to be present

Do this, erase at this very moment the incessant and repetitive sound of your thoughts.

  • Now open your eyes, but not only to look: “see” with more calm everything that surrounds you.
  • Slow the pace of your life, stop and breathe .
  • Now, learn to listen. You have “heard” sounds for a long time, but it is time to feel, to see and hear with the heart, with the center of your mind.

“In a heart free from tensions, love flows in all directions.”

In the same way, another exceptional tool to learn to be more present is to manage our time better. If you want to have a fuller life, you need to learn to apply appropriate mental filters and focus all your personal energies and resources on that life purpose you have in mind.

4. Put aside the “I HAVE TO BE” to practice the “I AM”

We spend most of our lives being what others expect of us. We strive to please, to be what others want … All this is a source of unnecessary suffering that leads to harsh unhappiness.

  • Make changes. Replace “I have to be” by “I am”.
  • Meditation can be a great ally to remind us of who we are and get in touch with our true self in the present moment.
  • We can not forget that the essential tool of Mindfulness is undoubtedly meditation.

    5. Practice acceptance

    Practicing acceptance in our daily lives does not mean surrendering to everything that happens around us.

  • It means, first of all, accepting ourselves and our present emotions.
  • The acceptance also allows us to understand other people’s realities to our and to respect them.
  • In the same way, knowing how to accept is to speak the language of the heart where tolerance and understanding are combined. Only then will we be able to initiate change, to open the door to our inner well-being.
  • To conclude, these five keys are like windows that lurk every day to see and understand life in another way.

    Mindfulness is the best way to approach a fuller and more authentic happiness. Do not hesitate to take advantage of their tools in allowing yourself to be guided by experts in the field. Training is always the simplest and most practical way to achieve direct results in a short time.

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