Some little ritual to improve your life. And her own beauty

“Rituals remind us of what is important and give us a sense of stability and continuity in our lives . ” The words are those of the business guru and lecturer Cathy Stucker but the concept is, in fact, one of the cornerstones of psychology and anthropology. As suggested in the 40s by Bronislaw Malinowski, rituals allow us to overcome moments of “stress” and to resume the reins of our lives when we are faced with unplanned situations. A kind of buoy in the midst of the ocean of the unexpected that gives us confidence in ourselves, calms our anxieties and, why not, gives us a security that we thought was lost. The Importance and Effectiveness of Ritual, therefore, is proven and, indeed, it is the source of constant studies. The ritual, the preparation of it, its celebration is the opportunity to come back to ourselves to regain the most valuable resource of ever: time. A philosophy, that of knowing the time to love, reflecting Phyto’s philosophy , where the ritual, the knowledge of the self, and the chance to put themselves at the center of their attentions (it is no coincidence that his philosophy was born in a salon, the temple of wanting par excellence) are among the essential elements.



Beauty as the main moment , as the ability to identify and enhance oneself. To do this, there is a need for a look that he can look at the “all”, tout court beauty, and outline guidelines to approach his purest concept.

It is not mechanical, it is philosophy .

We have created a 4-point ritual dedicated to well-being and beauty.

” Love your neighbor as yourself ” means that, to be good with others, you must know how to love. Once a day give yourself a moment of personal pleasure dedicated to you.

2. “Feel” : our body, day by day, sends us very clear messages. Do not ignore them. Take 4 minutes to look in the mirror and ask yourself, “What does my body ask me?”

3. “Listened to” : Follow what you’ve discovered and do not postpone the appointment with your needs. There are many ways to do it: how to follow the Phyto ritual to love their hair from the discovery of what they have (and we need). By giving you the time of beauty.

4. “Beloved” : The time spent on themselves is never lost. Leave all the regrets in the door the time it takes to get well.

There is therefore no last, small, ritual to do: to keep beauty with two hands and enrich it with a touch of curiosity.



The expression “cutting out time” evokes in mind the possibility of granting only a shred of their own day. We try to reverse the paradigm then, and instead of talking about “trimming”, we instead think of “taking” us the time . The conquest of own spaces in which the ego is at the center of our thoughts and attentions. Sometimes just a little, just ten minutes, to get better , maybe with a simple exercise just at home or when you get back from work. To focus on our body and to love ourselves.

  • “Ten minutes of quiet and ABS”: a ritual that comes from Pilates and is dedicated to relaxation of the back and toning of abdominals and buttocks . You can do it just come home or in the lunch break. To rediscover your breath.
    Relax on the ground: By inspiring enlarging the chest, exhale “belly your belly” ten times.
    Repeat another ten times, after pushing the lumbar region down, try to roll the basin downward by making a retrograde.
  • “Cuddle”:  It’s just a matter of minutes, devoting a long cuddle just the time it takes to relax before facing the day’s delusions and, once home, having faced a long day of work or after an intense workout.
  1.  Stretch the body cream and massage it carefully until you reach the face with circular and petticoat movements to activate the circulation until it reaches the hair: the cross and the delight of each one of us.
  2. Whenever you can devote to your favorite ritual , take care of your hair, recreate your beauty salon at home, as Phyto teaches , starting from the  pre-shampoo and then passing to the cleansingrinsing treatment and a pleasant after-rinsing treatment . And finally styling that will vary depending on the mood of the moment. The secret of perfect hair is in following the complete ritual.


Your habits, daily life, and constancy in gestures reappear with you. And in the long run, every single cell in your body will benefit from your routine made of favorite rituals. You will feel more relaxed, more in harmony and for this more beautiful.



Read a good book, take time to do just what we like ; whether it’s watching a busy talk, a light program, practicing sports or even spending time on our beauty . Everything we love to do has a very important value because it relaxes us, makes us happier, in peace with ourselves and with others and makes us inevitably look better. The key to everything is therefore inherent in how we can handle our minds. And our body is a philosophical approach. Just as philosophy is spoken in the Phyto Values Charter. A belief that is born in the Parisian salons, beauty temples where time is the essence of the ritual that is celebrated there, and that speaks of the ability to love oneself. The same love that continues in your homes as well. The Phyto treatment lines   are perfect for use as day-to-day pills in the intimacy of their spaces.
And now love and indulge in some time for you!



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Translated by the team of X team – Source:vanityfair.it

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