20 Simple Ways to find Something to Their Liking Someone


Have you ever ho Teli have more choices in finding a job that you like? Here are a few ideas that may help you to think more broadly.

1. Move to a different location when you think about what you want to do. (The movement changes the emotions, and the new location helps to think with new points of view.

2. Think about your problem (opportunity!) From the perspective of another person. Imagine that the person you admire gives advice on what you should do. (This takes practice, but you will get many different answers, which can be very useful).

3. Draw a picture of your dream. Imagine how it sounds, feels, smells. (We attach importance to the whole through our five senses).

4. Find someone who is doing what you want, and ask him for advice. (This is called modeling. If what they are doing works for them, why not work for you?)

5. Define what it means to be successful for you. (You may need to give a different, unconventional, definition of success.)

6. Often think about how you can begin to do what you like. (Think about how you think about it, change your habitual negative thought patterns)

7. Laugh. (Humor helps change habitual negative thought patterns that you use, thinking about new possibilities.)

8. Ask yourself, which in this case will make 8-year-old child. (Surprisingly, what questions might ask the children, completely destroying all of the templates.)

9. Hang a few days with a poster on the wall as a reminder of this problem. (Your brain simply tired of the fact that is not looking for an answer to the problem.)

10. Write a list of what you risk if you do not focus on what you like. (It’s hard to be creative during this exercise.)

11. Create a strategy for moving forward. (Positive and proactive strategy always wins negative and reactive.)

12. dissociate and look at yourself from the outside, doing things you love. What are you doing in this? (You’d be surprised ideas that come at this time.)

13. Fast forward a year in advance and write an email to yourself with the notes that you need to do. (One of the planning problem in this is that you are often at the same time take into account the baggage of the past.)

14. Write for 30 minutes all the ideas that come to mind about your favorite things. (When we break down large tasks into small intervals of time, our motivation and energy increases.)

15. Ask yourself, what is the next step should I take? Then, within 30 minutes, any physical exercise. When you’re done, write down the first answer that comes to mind. (Endorphins, which produce during exercise – the best stimulants of brain activity.)

16. Open the dictionary and read the first word that is seen. Read its definition. Ask yourself how it can help me to do what I want? (Divergent (deviant) thinking can help you find a solution to a slightly different angle.)

17. If you go now the biggest risk is what the worst consequences this would have for you? (Sometimes all you need is a few times dare to take the risk.)

18. Say to yourself. “I intend to solve this problem” ( “I believe” is not enough. Try it now, no one has heard. See the difference?)

19. Reward yourself upon completion of steps forward. (Inner award such as drowsiness, or ice cream cone, lasts longer than the outside).

20. Allow yourself 10 minutes of silence a day to just sit and be aware. Take a deep breath and watch your thoughts. (This may be the most amazing part of your day.)

Congratulations on passing the first steps towards a job that you like!

Resources:selfcreation.ru  Author: Craig Nathanson

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