10 things You Can Do With (over) Ripe Bananas


Here in the house really many bananas are eaten. However, many bananas are not eaten (on time) and are then left to drain in the fruit bowl. Previously, I just threw them away until I discovered that you could do some things with (over) ripe bananas. Throwing is a great deal of sin! Are you also a banana plasterer? Then this article is for you …

1. Banana ice cream

You can make delicious  banana ice cream  . That’s pretty simple. Deliciously refreshing on hot days and it is also free of sophisticated sugars and lactose. Just a tip. If you are freezing the bananas, start them first. If you do not do that, it’s hard to pile.

2. Hydrating face mask

Banana is a very good moisturizer. It nourishes the dry skin. Instead of expensive creams and masks, you can also apply a banana to your face. You leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse it off with water. The result is a soft refreshed skin. And you know what’s so nice now? You are sure there were no troop ingredients in your mask!

3. Mask for the oily skin

Well, that sounds contradictory after point 2, but you can also use it as a mask for oily skin. You can make a mask of a peanut banana mixed with lemon juice of half a lemon. This also allows you to sit for 20 minutes and then have a soft and defatted skin.

4. Milkshake

Another idea … you make a milkshake of it. It works about the same as banana ice cream, but is at least so tasty. Certainly with the summer in sight.


5. Hair mask for dry hair

What it can do for your skin can of course also mean your hair. Especially if you have dry hair. You mix a banana, an avocado and two tablespoons of yogurt. You apply the mask to your hair and allow it to work for 20 minutes. After that you wash your hair in the normal way and you have soft lush hydrated lures. Bet?

Tip: Well, really clean, I’ve been smoking a banana with sour yogurt for a whole day and that’s not fun (long story, something hurry).

6. Remove dead skin cells

Mix a banana with a fried tablespoon oatmeal. Apply as a mask first and allow it to work for a few minutes. Then scrub the substance on your face with rotating movements and then rinse all off. You can also use it on the rest of your body. It sounds crazy, but after that you have a beautiful shiny and hydrated skin and have lost your dead skin cells.

7. Banana pancakes

My favorite breakfast! Banana oatmeal pancake ! Nice joh. Also without oatmeal can. But I can really be happy with overripe bananas so I can make my favorite again.

8. Anti-walling agent

In banana is calcium and magnesium. Both fabrics can help against walls. Under your eyes How convenient is that. If you wake up with huge ramparts, you can always lubricate an overripe banana mask on your circles. Just sit down and there is a great chance that your ramparts have slowed down.

9. Cracked heels

Clean two to three ripe bananas and spread them over your feet. Wrap aluminum foil over and allow for a minute or 10-20 withdrawal. Wash off the substance with water. Result? Hydrated feet and your cracked heels are fetal. You may also add some olive oil to your mix. That smells a little less, but provides extra hydration.

10. Baked banana

You’re welcome too … you can make baked banana. Personally, I find this recipe with cinnamon very delicious.

So far my tips are all you can do with (over) ripe bananas. You will certainly be able to come back soon?

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